Power Control Center Stage (電力管理センターステージ)[1] and Hydroelectric Power Plant Stage (水力発電所ステージ)[2] are Volt Catfish's stages in Mega Man X3 and Mega Man Xtreme 2, respectively. The former also appears as a stage in Mega Man X DiVE.


Mega Man X3

The stage begins in an area with many Trappers and elevators. One particular elevator pulls X down into a spiky pit where the only choice is to enter the warp to the Vile Stage, and might be better off avoided. After the elevators section, X crosses a bridge that leads to a sub-boss room for Bit or Byte; after that is a large room with orange floors and a electric bars on the walls. This section then leads to Volt Catfish's boss room.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

The Hydroelectric Power Plant on Laguz Island is very different from the Power Control Center, appearing as part of X Mission. Its design instead draws inspiration from Boomer Kuwanger's Tower Stage, and it takes layout sections from Toxic Seahorse's Giant Dam Stage such as the vertical waterfalls segment. There is also an extra section where deadly waves will periodically wash over the bottom of the screen, forcing the player to wait and avoid them.

Mega Man X DiVE

The Power Control Center is the twelfth stage from the Story mode.


Enemies in Volt Catfish's stage in Mega Man X3:

Enemies in Volt Catfish's stage in Mega Man Xtreme 2:


  • Life Up (X3): When going up one of the elevators, you will notice that the elevator will keep going up; continue after it. The Life Up is sitting on a bed of spikes. Careful maneuvering along the walls can retrieve it safely - an air dash can make it much easier.
  • Sub Tank (X3): In the orange area, climb upwards on the left to find a Ride Armor Platform. Get a Ride Armor and fall down the gap on the right with it, destroying the floor to open a secret area with the Sub Tank.
  • Body Parts (X3): The last elevator in the first segment leads to an area with a unique platform. Using a charged Gravity Well causes the platform to levitate, bringing X up to the capsule.
  • Life Up (Xtreme 2): In the area with the deadly waves, the Life Up is clearly visible below. Go right, then wait for the waves before jumping down to grab the Life Up. It's safer to quit the stage than to attempt escaping the waves.
  • Foot Parts (Xtreme 2): During the vertical climbing segment from Toxic Seahorse's stage, continuing climbing up the tunnel to find the capsule on the right. It is in the same location as the Life Up in that game.



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