A Power Up Item (きょうかアイテム Kyouka Aitemu, "Enhancement Item"), also known as PowerUp Program (きょうかプログラム), Power Up Data (きょうかデータ), or simply PowerUp, is an item that can upgrade MegaMan.EXE in the Mega Man Battle Network series and Mega Man in the Mega Man Star Force series. Below is a list of Power Up Items.

HP Memory


HP Memory

HP Memory (HPメモリ) increases a NetNavi's max HP (Hit Points). It appears in every game in the series and each increases a Navi's HP by 20. In each game, there are 45 HP Memories (in total raising a Navi's HP by 900) giving MegaMan a base maximum of 1000 HP. This is the only Power Up Item present in the Mega Man Star Force series, where it appears in two varieties: HPMem10 and HPMem20.

Power UP

Power UP, known as Buster UP (バスターUP) in Japan, is used to increase MegaMan's buster stats: Attack, Rapid, and Charge. Each Stat can be upgraded up to level 5 creating a total of 12 Power ups to be found in the game. They are only available in Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Battle Network 2.

Sub Memory


Sub Memory

The Sub Memory (サブメモリ "SubMem") was introduced alongside the concept of Sub Chips in Mega Man Battle Network 2. Sub Memory increases the maximum number of Sub Chips one can carry. There are generally a total of 4 per game. It appears from Mega Man Battle Network 2 onwards.

Regular UP


Regular Up

Regular UP (レギュラーUP) increases the Regular Memory capacity for the Regular Chip used in one's Folder. Each Battle Chip has a certain MB and if a Folder has enough Regular Memory, this chip can be set to appear first in every battle by pressing the Select button over it. Regular Up appears in Mega Man Battle Network 2-6 in three varieties: RegUP1 (+1 MB), RegUP2 (+2 MB), and RegUP3 (+3 MB). Regular Memory can be increased to a maximum of 50MB.

Expansion Memory


Expansion Memory

Expansion Memory (かくちょうメモリ Kakushou Memori, "ExpMemry") is collected to increase the Memory Map space of the Navi Customizer. Only two exist in each game from Mega Man Battle Network 3 onward.

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