Press is the name of indestructible traps that tries to press the player.

Types of Presses


Press (プレス Puresu) is a spiked press that is set on Metal Man's stage and in the final stages. It has a sensor that detects intruders. Although they can't be destroyed, Time Stopper can stop them for a short period of time, allowing Mega Man to pass by them safely.

Needle Press

Needle Press (ニードルプレス Nīdoru Puresu) is a giant needle that stay hidden in the ceilings of Needle Man's stage and pierces what gets near to it.

Ladder Press

Ladder Press (ラダープレス Radā Puresu) is a spiked hand-like press that goes up and down in a ladder opened, and closes in the borders of the ladder. They can't be destroyed and do not freeze with Flash Stopper and Spark Shock. They can only be destroyed in MegaMan Network Transmission. They appear in the first and second stages of Dr. Cossack's castle in Mega Man 4 and Snake Man's stage in Mega Man III.

Pendulum Press

Pendulum Press, known as Iron Balln (鉄キューン Tekkyūn) in Japan, is a mace trap in Mega Man 5. It is invincible, but Mega Man can stand near the hinge of the chain and remain unharmed. Charge Kick can be used to pass through the ball safely, but it is easier and more energy-efficient to simply walk to the middle of the chain while the ball is facing the opposite direction, then continue on when the ball swings to face the direction that Mega Man just came from. They appear in Gravity Man's and Wave Man's stages.

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