Press Disposer (プレス・ディスポーザー Puresu Disupōzā) is the boss the player faces in the first Doppler Stage of Mega Man X3 if both Bit and Byte were destroyed. It resembles an elephant that hangs onto the top-right part of the screen. A conveyor belt scrolls enemy robots onto the screen, and then destroys them when they reach the right side of the screen.


The Press Disposer will grab X with a claw, dealing a lot of damage. It will use several other attacks with its trunk-like hose, but when it is destroyed, damaging acid will fill the bottom part of the screen. The upper part must be aimed instead. The Press Disposer is weak against the Ray Splasher or Tornado Fang.

  • Arm Attack (アーム攻撃) - Press Disposer reaches with its arm to catch the player with the claw, pulling the player and then releasing.
  • Acid Ball (酸球) - Press Disposer spits a blob of acid that stays on the floor a while.
  • Scrap (スクラップ) - Scrap will fall from the top of the screen and be carried on the conveyor belt, then it gets crushed when it reaches Press Disposer. Scrap shaped like a cube can be used as a platform. The humanoid scrap attacks with projectiles.
  • Acid (酸) - Once its nose is destroyed, Press Disposer floods the bottom of the room with a pool of acid for the rest of the battle.