Press Don (プレスドン) is a powerful fighting robot that appears as an enemy in Mega Man 11. Press Don attacks by jumping into the air and using its rocket jets to fly for as long as it can before crashing to the ground. If Mega Man tries to run or slide under a Press Don, it can turn off its jets early to try and crush him. If a Press Don doesn't land on Mega Man, it will try to punch him with a giant fist that emerges from its stomach region.

Press Don is weak to Block Dropper; when using the Power Gear, just one hit from Block Dropper can destroy a Press Don almost instantly. Bounce Ball, while using Power Gear can also work. It appears in Fuse Man's stage and Gear Fortress Stage 2.



  • Despite its name, Press Don is not related to Crunch Don in any way.

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