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Princess Pride (プリンセス・プライド Purinsesu Puraido) is the princess of Creamland (Brightland in the English anime) and the operator of KnightMan.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 2

She makes her first appearance in The Bedroom. She is the princess of Creamland, one of the first countries to go online. However, due to Creamland's small size, when bigger countries went online, Creamland was overshadowed and forgotten by the world. She attends an Official NetBattler conference, discussing the actions of Gospel. However, all the members present for the conference fell into a series of traps, including Lan, Chaud, and herself. She attempts to kill all of the attending Official NetBattlers and makes it seem as if she died in a trap, but it is later revealed that she set all the traps. After MegaMan defeats her Navi, KnightMan, she falls into one of her own traps and needs to go to the hospital.

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel

Princess Pride joins Team Colonel after KnightMan goes berserk while harvesting MagnoMetal in Oran Island. She is dressed in clothes more suitable for travel.

She is trying to bring Creamland back to its former glory after the incident with Gospel and is mining MagnoMetal for that purpose. KnightMan goes out of control, and Lan and MegaMan stop him. She joins Team Colonel and helps them liberate the Oran Area. She participates in other battles and gives Lan an invitation to a party that she doesn't plan to attend. Her mind is taken over by the power of the Soul Server and attacks Lan, but returns to normal after it is destroyed. She joins Team Colonel in the attack on Nebula's base and returns to Creamland after the final battle.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior

Princess Pride appears in two episodes of MegaMan NT Warrior. In episode 39 she arrives in DenTech City, disguised as a boy named Whip (ホイップ Hoippu) to escape her staff who are looking for her after she ran away. She spends a whole day with Lan, who is oblivious to her true identity, but later finds out that she is a girl. They are attacked by ShadowMan, who was hired by Gospel (known as Grave in the English anime) to delete KnightMan, who was actually the Anti-Virus Program her country was developing, but KnightMan and MegaMan (in HeatGuts Style) manage to fight him off. She returns to Brightland later after an appearance on TV.

She appears again in episode 44 when KnightMan goes out of control and is wrecking Brightland's security system. Lan and his friends manage to defeat KnightMan and return him to normal. They then go on patrol and Glyde appears to turn against them, but with MoltanicMan's help, he is restrained. However, it's actually MoltanicMan who has turned against them, and breaks Brightland's security system so Darkland can break through. MoltanicMan is defeated by a combined MegaMan and KnightMan (through ElecTeam Style), manages to repair the security system, and the Darkland Navis are driven back with only seconds to spare. Princess Pride hugs Lan for helping, which makes Mayl Sakurai jealous (which happens quite often through the episode). Princess Pride knights Lan as a royal knight.

Rockman.EXE Stream

Princess Pride later joins the Cross Fusion team and receives the "Crest of Duo". In her first appearance of the season, Pride teams up with Laika to stop Asteroid AirMan and a Dreamland General from destroying a CrossFusion research lab. Later, she goes to the beach along with Anetta, Mayl, World Three, and the Cross Fusion Members in episode 44.

She and the Cross Fusion Members fight against the Asteroid Navis Nebula and Duo. After saving Earth from destruction, she goes back to Creamland.

Rockman.EXE Beast

Princess Pride later reappears with the Cross Fusion Members to fight off the Zoanoroid armies.



  • Creamland (Brightland) in the anime is described as a northern island nation that is covered in ice for most of the year, which suggests it may be the Battle Network incarnation of Greenland.
  • Her name may be a pun on the movie or novel "The Princess Bride".
  • She may have a romantic interest in Lan in the anime since she seizes every single opportunity to get intimate with him.
  • In her early development stages, as was revealed in the MegaMan Battle Network Official Complete Works, she was named Princess Tron. Her hairstyle even resembled that of Tron Bonne and was possibly supposed to be another Legends reference. Her name was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • Princess Pride makes a cameo appearance in the Mega Man Gigamix story "Asteroid Blues".

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