Principal 100100 (pronounced "Principal Hundred Hundred") is a character from Mega Man: Fully Charged. He is the principal of Silicon Central, the school that Aki and Suna attend. He was formerly a war robot and was close allies with Wood Man during the Hard Age, as they fought together as fellow soldiers.


Principal 100100 is a humongous robot with the size of a building. He has rocket launchers on his shoulders, with giant pencils replacing in place of rockets. He has glowing green eyes with white pupils and a mustache, and he wears glasses and a tie. His eyes change from green with white pupils to red with yellow pupils depending on his mood.

During Enter the Wood Man, it is shown that 100100 used to have a shaved face, a military-based paint scheme and proper missiles in his launchers. Four stars were once embedded in the area that is now covered up by his tie, indicating that he held a high rank during the Hard Age.


During the Hard Age, he was a war robot, where he was a close ally with a powerful nature-based robot named Wood Man. After the war ended, he took up the position of principal at Silicon Central and was remodeled appropriately. Wood Man went missing, and 100100 assumed he had been destroyed.

In Enter the Wood Man, Suna found a picture of him and Wood Man and called 100100 to inquire about their relation. Worried, 100100 warned her for the danger the wooden robot was capable of.



  • He says the outside of the school is his office, which is due to the fact that 100100 is much too large to fit inside the school building in any way.
    • In "Enter the Wood Man", he uses the roof of the school as a desk.