"You can ask me a hundred times! Even a thousand times and it won't matter! I'll never help you build weapons of war!"
―Professor Gaudile, Mega Man X: Command Mission

Professor Gaudile or Dr. Gaudile (ガウディル博士 Gaudiru Hakase) is a character in Mega Man X: Command Mission. He was a renowned specialist in complex energy theories and an accomplished engineer, later becoming the lead Force Metal researcher in the Gigantis Island region.


Mega Man X: Command Mission

When the Rebellion Forces started their activity, Gaudile isolated himself in a mechaplant forest facility and used it as a laboratory. He created Cinnamon, as well as the Force Metal Generator. Gaudile apparently has history with Dr. Psyche as a colleague, but wants to create things to help others and not make tools for war, unlike Dr. Psyche, who wanted his creations to be used in the Rebellion Army. Since Gaudile created Cinnamon himself, he tends to worry and dote on her as if she was his own daughter. He moves from his lab to Central Tower after X confronts Dr. Psyche and remains to assist X's party thereafter.



  • Gaudile's body is modeled after a Platypus, but also possesses various robotic arms on his back which aid in engineering.
  • Gaudile also appears to be a sort of computer expert, evidenced by the supercomputer housed in the depths of his lab. This may be a given, as he did create Cinnamon and thus would need tools like that by default.
  • Gaudile is one of the few non-human Reploids in the entire X series on the side of the Maverick Hunters. He is also the only one who does not turn into a Maverick.
  • Gaudile is one of two reploids in Mega Man X Command Mission to be based on a platypus, the other being Duckbill Mole