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The Progress PET (プログレスペット Puroguresu Petto) was introduced in Mega Man Battle Network 5 and the third episode of Rockman.EXE Stream. It is the fourth design of the PET, not counting the Advanced PET 2, and was used to combat Nebula and Duo.


The Progress PET's design differs vastly from that of its predecessor. Rather than being held vertically it demands to be held horizontally, much like a traditional GBA or PSP. This is the first model to be wireless. On the right side of the device is a retractable cover which conceals a jack-in port and a slot for Battle Chips. Touching the navi mark to the left of this will bring up a holographic touch screen which will allow the user to drag-and-drop Battle Chips to their navi. In the center of the PET is a screen and to the left are two buttons, a directional pad and an LED. In the anime and toy line Battle Chips also differ in design than other generations.

Like the Advanced PET it can be customized in a wide variety of colors. Along to top and bottom are slots called custom gates which can be used to install accessory upgrades. These upgrades can do anything from improving the abilities of the NetNavi to providing a better grip for the operator.

In the Games

Yuichiro Hikari and Mr. Famous teamed up to developed the Progress PET.[1] Lan Hikari gets this PET sometime before Mega Man Battle Network 5. The few mentions of it in game most are just E-mails and message board posts discussing how to use it. Lan’s friends PET's are stolen by Nebula early in the game. When they are taking a vacation on Oran Isle Dex mentions that he is using a SubPET. While trying to solve a theft on a cruise ship, Colonel or ProtoMan (depending on the version) mentions that navis jack-in using inferred rays. Before facing the final boss Lan gets an opportunity to take back the stolen PETs. Gate Devices can again be used in as a Japanese exclusive.

In the Anime

The Progress PET was introduced in episode 3 of the Rockman.EXE Stream and was made by IPC (Blaze Quest in the dub). Lan received the first model produced from Chaud, along with a holster and grip attachment. Despite the interface being the same as the previous model this PET introduce several new features. Among these features is the ability to store up to 25 battle chips in the PETs memory for quick access. If the Navi Mark on the right of the PET is pressed a holographic touch screen will be displayed, this allows the operator to drag and drop battle chips onto their net navi. Lan also mentions that the PET has a Battle Chip Gate built into it. The PET also has a flashlight function and a form of NFC (Lan used this to pay for a taxi). The Progress PET was not as big of a hit as the Advanced PET was, many operators are still seen using the Advanced PET throughout Stream.


A toy version of the Progress PET was released by Takara in Japan. It contains slots on the top and bottom called Custom Gates, which are used to put one of the nine accessory upgrades to enhance it, just like in the anime. The toys also have Battle Chip slots that open with a button, the one with the Navi mark on it.

The Progress PET and several related toys with its Battle Chips were also released in Korea by Sonokong, but with many differences from the Japanese toys.[2]

ProgressPETNettoVer Progress PET - Netto Version
Battle Chips842 Rockman (Navi Chip)

514 Hi-Cannon
527 Vulcan 1
518 Boomerang
550 Crack Bomb

ProgressPETEnzanVer Progress PET - Enzan Version
Battle Chips849 Blues (Navi Chip)

572 Samurai Sword 1
563 Wide Blade
541 Mini Bomb
603 Crack Out

ProgressPETForteCross Progress PET - Forte Cross Edition
Battle Chips 842 Rockman (Navi Chip)

813 Forte
748 Meddy
725 Poltergeist
615 Wara ningyou (V-Doll)
543 Mega Energy Bomb

The Forte Cross model also comes with a violet Operate Stick and a Network Cable.
ProgressPETNettoDX Progress PET - Netto DX Edition
Battle Chips842 Rockman (Navi Chip)

719 Double Point
715 Ojizousan (Guardian)
735 Roll DS
721 Full Custom
625 Recovery 200

This model also comes with a crystal blue Hit Point Grip and a Network Cable.
DXProgressPETBlue DX Progress PET - Net Version
Korean version of Progress PET - Netto DX Edition.
DXProgressPETRed DX Progress PET - Leo Version
Korean version of Progress PET - Enzan Version. The content is the same from the original, with the addition of the Battle Chip Quick Gauge (Fast Gauge), a slightly-color-enhanced Speed Grip, and a Network Cable.

Navi Tune Parts

The Progress PET has the following Navi Tune Parts.[3]

RP-01 Hit Point Grip (ヒットポイントグリップ)
Accessory NumberRP-01
Custom Gate2 (Bottom)
Upgrades/Downgrades HP (Hit Points) plus 50%
CL (Chip Limit) minus 2
Battle Chip523 Wide Shot 3
RP-02 Attack Scope (アタックスコープ)
Accessory NumberRP-02
Custom Gate1 (Top)
Upgrades/Downgrades AT (Attack) plus 50%
SP (Speed) minus 30%
Battle Chip606 Magnum
RP-03 Battle Chip Magazine (バトルチップマガジン)
Accessory NumberRP-03
Custom Gate1 (Top)
Upgrades/Downgrades CL (Chip Limit) plus 1
SP (Speed) minus 20%
This accessory can hold five Battle Chips.
Battle Chip624 Recovery 150
RP-04 Speed Grip (スピードグリップ)
Accessory NumberRP-04
Custom Gate2 (Bottom)
Upgrades/DowngradesSP (Speed) plus 50%
AT (Attack) minus 50%
Battle Chip633 Quick Gauge
RP-05 Electric Twin Grip (エレキツイングリップ)
Accessory NumberRP-05
Custom Gate2 (Bottom)
Upgrades/DowngradesThe NetNavi becomes Electric element
Battle Chip676 Elec Reel 2
RP-06 Aqua Double Protector (アクアダブルプロテクター)
Accessory NumberRP-06
Custom Gate1 and 2
Upgrades/Downgrades HP plus 20%
CL minus 1
The NetNavi becomes Aqua element
Battle Chip673 Side Bubble 2
RP-07 Search Scouter (サーチスカウター)
Accessory NumberRP-07
Custom Gate1 (Top)
Upgrades/DowngradesSP plus 50%
HP minus 10%
Battle Chip649 Barrier 200
RP-08 Operate Stick (オペレートスティック)
Accessory NumberRP-08
Custom Gate2 (Bottom)
Upgrades/DowngradesCL plus 2
AT minus 30%
Battle Chip540 Life Synchro
RP-09 Fire Chip Inserter (ファイアチップインサーター)
Accessory NumberRP-09
Custom Gate2 (Bottom)
Upgrades/DowngradesThe NetNavi becomes Fire element
Battle Chip665 Fire Punch 3
NaviTunePartsCS Navi Tune Parts CS
Korean pack with Battle Chip Magazine and Operate Stick. Doesn't include PET or Battle Chips.
NaviTunePartsSS Navi Tune Parts SS
Korean pack with Attack Scope and Operate Stick. Doesn't include PET or Battle Chips.

Other accessories

ProgressPETKeeper Progress PET Keeper (プログレスペットキーパー)
Battle Chip556 Hougan (Ball)
ProgressPETCable Network Cable (通信対戦ケーブル)
Battle Chip632 Heavy Gauge (Slow Gauge)
ProgressChipFolder Progress Chip Folder (プログレスチップフォルダ)

Progress Battle Starter

Progress Battle Starter (プログレスバトルスターター) is a set of Battle Chips for the Progress PET.

ProgressBattleStarter01 Progress Battle Starter 1 - Rockman Deck
Battle Chips842 Rockman (Navi Data Chip)

627 Buster Up
728 Justice One 530 Spread Gun
517 Air Hockey
528 Vulcan 2

Blues Starter Progress Battle Starter 2 - Blues Deck
Battle Chips849 Blues (Navi Data Chip)

752 Blues SP
629 Area Steal
567 Variable Sword
573 Samurai Sword 2
594 Yo-Yo

RockmanEXE Stream Progress Battle Starter 3 Gyroman Progress Battle Starter 3 - Gyroman Deck
Battle Chips860 Gyroman (Navi Data Chip)

737 Gyroman SP
595 Toppuu
520 Tornado
650 Super Kitakaze
575 Senshahou 1

ProgressBattleStarter04 Progress Battle Starter 4 - Magnetman Deck
Battle Chips859 Magnetman (Navi Data Chip)

746 Magnetman SP
641 Blind
634 Panel Return
531 Thunder Ball
533 Pulse Beam 1

ProgressBattleStarter05 Progress Battle Starter 5 - Searchman Deck
Battle Chips846 Searchman (Navi Data Chip)

743 Searchman SP
525 Mark Cannon 2
597 Boy's Bomb 1
551 Paralyze Bomb
575 Senshahou 2

20190328 195839
Progress Battle Starter 6 - Tomahawkman Deck
Battle Chips863 Tomahawkman (Navi Data Chip)

764 Tomahawkman SP
612 Ouenka
691 Woody Nose 2
655 Mayoi no Mori
593 Bamboo Lance

ProgressBattleStarter07 Progress Battle Starter 7 - Napalmman Deck
Battle Chips856 Napalmman (Navi Data Chip)

740 Napalmman SP
554 Kusamura Seed
652 Kakigenkin
617 Meteor Earth 2
666 Heat Body 1

ProgressBattleStarter08 Progress Battle Starter 8 - Colonel Deck
Battle Chips861 Colonel (Navi Data Chip)

598 Boy's Bomb 2
608 Snake
758 Colonel SP
568 Iai Form
614 Timpani

RockmanEXE Stream Progress Battle Starter 9. Knightman Progress Battle Starter 9 - Knightman Deck
Battle Chips

857 Knightman (Navi Data Chip)
767 Knightman SP
622 Recovery 80
585 Drill Arm 2
636 Deathmatch 2
548 Earthquake 2

ProgressBattleStarter10 Progress Battle Starter 10 - Shadowman Deck
Battle Chips855 Shadowman (Navi Data Chip)

761 Shadowman SP
645 Invisible
570 Engetsu Kunai 2
581 Skull Chain 1
682 Curse Shield 2

Program Advance Deck

Program Advance Deck is a deck with Battle Chips to form Program Advances.

PADeck-Enzan Program Advance Deck - Enzan
(プログラムアドバンスデッキ 炎山)
Battle Chips

535 Pulse Beam 3 (パルスビーム3 )
533 Bug Bomb (バグボム)
560 Sword (ソード)
563 Wide Blade (ワイドブレード)
562 Long Blade (ロングブレード)
618 Meteor Earth 3 (メテオアース3)
637 Deathmatch 3 (デスマッチ3)
716 Poison Anubis (ポイズンアヌビス)
773 Shademan SP
782 Cosmoman SP

PADeck-Barrel Program Advance Deck - Barrel
(プログラムアドバンスデッキ バレル)
Battle Chips

525 Mark Cannon 2 (マークキャノン2)
572 Samurai Sword 1 (サムライソード1)
587 Count Bomb 1 (カウントボム1)
588 Count Bomb 2 (カウントボム2)
589 Count Bomb 3 (カウントボム3)
656 Navi Scout (ナビスカウト)
657 Kawarimi (カワリミ)
714 Muramasa Blade (ムラマサブレード)
785 Swallowman SP ( スワローマンSP)
788 Footman SP (フットマンSP)

Battle Chip packs

OperationBattleBoosterHiRes Operation Battle Booster
Contains 2 of 10 chips

793 Cannon Mode 
794 Ball Mode
795 Sword Mode
796 Yo-yo Mode
797 Drill Mode
798 L Curse Shield
799 L Step Sword
800 L Counter
801 Element Power
802 Final Gun

EternalOperationBooster Battle Chip Random Booster Eternal Operation
(バトルチップランダムブースター エターナルオペレーション)
Contains 2 of 48 chips
Space Yura 2
Magma Seed
Wide Blade
Long Blade
Variable Sword
Drill Arm 1
Side Bubble 3
Aka Tsunami Ball
Doro Tsunami Ball
Saboten Ball 3
Medi DS
Numberman DS
Toadman DS
Cosmoman SP
L Counter
Meteor Knuckle
Gigant Hook
LightningOperationBooster Battle Chip Random Booster Lightning Operation
(バトルチップランダムブースター ライトニングオペレーション)
Contains 2 of 48 chips
Mega Cannon
Air Shoot
Wide Shot 1
Vulcan 3
Bug Bomb
Black Bomb
Ocean Seed
Fuujin Rocket
Samurai Sword 3
Appleseed 1
Appleseed 2
Appleseed 3
Met Guard 1
Met Guard 2
Met Guard 3
Double Crack
Triple Crack
Heal 30
Panel Steal
Geddon 1
Barrier 100
Copy Damage
Attack +10
Navi +20
Fire Punch 1
Tsunami Ball
Saboten Ball 1
Dream Aura
Attack +30
Roll SP
Magnetman DS
Blues DS
Delta Ray Edge
Holy Dream
RockmanEXE Stream Numberman Booster Battle Chip Random Booster Brain Operation
(バトルチップランダムブースター ブレインオペレーション)
Contains 2 of 5 chips
850 Numberman Navi Chip

710 Dark Sonic
755 Numberman SP
639 Colored Point
589 Time Bomb 3

BurningOperation Battle Chip Random Booster Burning Operation
(バトルチップランダムブースター バーニングオペレーション)
Contains 2 of 48 chips
Mark Cannon 1
Mark Cannon 3
Pulse Beam 2
Pulse Beam 3
Noise Storm
Energy Bomb
Reset Bomb
Senshahou 3
Steal Jelly
Meteor 1
Meteor 3
Heal 10
Heal 120
Steal Revenge
Elemental Gun
Air Wheel 3
Bubble Wrap
Anti Recovery
Heat Body 3
Elec Reel 1
Elec Reel 2
Elec Reel 3
Curse Shield 3
Saboten Ball 2
Woody Nose 1
Dark Circle Gun
Dark Lance
Dark Meteor
Dark Tornado
Dark Wing
Napalmman DS
Tomahawkman DS
Blizzardman DS
Hougan Mode
BCRBGeneralOperation Battle Chip Random Booster General Operation
(バトルチップランダムブースター ジェネラルオペレーション)
Contains 2 of 48 chips
Engetsu Kunai 3
Count Bomb 1
Circle Gun
Heavy Gauge
Air Wheel 2
Holy Panel
Curse Shield 1
Knightman DS
Larkman SP
Drill Mode
Element Power
20190329 223120
Battle Chip Random Booster Water Operation
(バトルチップランダムブースター ウォーターオペレーション)
Contains 2 of 5 chips

858 Toadman Navi Chip 770 Toadman SP 704 Dark Wide
669 Aqua Whirl 2
557 Geyser

BCRBHealingOperation Battle Chip Random Booster Healing Operation
(バトルチップランダムブースター ヒーリングオペレーション)
Healing Operation is a limited pack sold only during the 21st World Hobby Fair in 2005.[4]
Contains 2 of 5 chips

862 Meddy Navi Chip 750 Meddy SP 582 Skull Chain 2 626 Recovery 300 708 Dark Drill



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