Mega Man's Transcode badge.

Project-TC, or Project Transcode, is an ongoing Satella Police operation which uses the new Hunter-VG terminal to register and maintain a list of humans and Wizards who can perform an EM Wave Change, as well as the identity of the Wave Change itself. The primary goal of the research and testing in Project-TC is to perfect the processes of synthetic Wave Change and give Wizards' operators control of it while minimizing the risks associated.

The secondary goal of the project is to develop a system that will allow operators to control Noise. Most of the testing is currently done through the Satella Police's own A.C. Eos and his Wizard, Acid, as well as their Wave Change, Acid Ace.

Once a person in possession of a Hunter-VG performs an EM Wave Change, they are connected to the Satella Police Network, where they are registered and assigned a Transcode. The Satella Police keeps a tight registry of those who are allowed to legally perform Wave Changes.

List of Wave Changes

A list of the people registered under Project-TC. Together, they form a task force known as the Satellite Server.

SF3AAMug Transcode 001, Acid Ace: Ace and his Wizard, Acid, were the first participants in Project-TC. They are the primary subjects of the research and experiments involving both synthetic Wave Change development and of Noise control endeavors.
SF2RogueMug Transcode 002, Rogue: Very little information about Solo's registration is available, as well as information about why he has dispensed his ancient-Mu Star Carrier for a Hunter-VG. While he is registered to Project-TC, there is no information on his Wizard, Laplace, including his use as the new sword for Rogue while Wave Changed.
Ss rockman Transcode 003, Mega Man: Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis are registered under Project-TC when they perform a Wave Change on the roof of Echo Ridge Elementary after first upgrading to a Hunter-VG. Though they know nothing of the registration beforehand, the Hunter-VG automatically connects to the Satella Police Network. After the registration, Geo no longer says "EM Wave Change" (in gameplay), but instead uses his now-official codename, "Transcode, [Shooting Star] Mega Man".
SF2HarpNoteMug Transcode 004, Harp Note: Sonia Strumm and her Wizard, Lyra, are registered, when her and Geo had to escape from her fans in Echo Ridge, as Harp Note.
SF3TFMug Transcode 005, Taurus Fire: Bud Bison is registered under Project-TC after Taurus agrees to become his Wizard. Bud then begins practicing on a daily basis to improve his skills as Taurus Fire, though he has troubles at first with things such as Transing into Cyber Cores.
SF1WolfWoodMug Transcode 011, Wolf Woods: Damian Wolfe and Wolf never give much thought to their registration into Project-TC. They use it more as a means to legally Wave Change so that they can spar in order to calm themselves down. He never refuses a challenge from Mega Man.
SF3CWMug Transcode 020, Cygnus Wing: The last known person to register under Project-TC is Tom Dubius and his Wizard, Cygnus. As a member of WAZA, he hardly Wave Changes to fight. He also seems doubtful of his abilities, and usually makes remarks in self-pity when bested by Mega Man. Despite this, Tom never refuses a challenge from him.

Unregistered Wave Changes

Known Wave Changes who are not registered under Project-TC and continue to be used.


Transcode ???, Jack Corvus: Along with his elder sister, Jack is able to Wave Change with Corvus into Jack Corvus. He is in charge of distributing the Noise Cards to corrupt Wizards.
SF3QueenVirgoMug Transcode ???, Queen Virgo: Along with her younger brother, Tia is able to Wave Change with Virgo into Queen Virgo. She is mainly in charge of harvesting Crimson Energy from fallen Noised Wizards.


  • There are neither identities nor information given concerning Transcode numbers 006 through 010 and 012 through 019, as well as any other possible members.
  • From what can be seen, Transcodes are assigned the moment the person Wave Changes for the first time while in possession of a Hunter-VG (A.C. Eos obviously being first and revealing that Solo Wave Changed before Geo), so there are then five people who have Wave Changed before Wolf Woods, and an additional eight before Cygnus Wing.
  • Throughout most of the third game, during cutscenes, characters only use either the EM Wave Change phrase or both the EM Wave Change phrase and the Transcode phrase, with only a few moments having them use the Transcode phrase alone.
  • In the English version of the game, Geo simply says "Transcode, Mega Man!", but in the Japanese version of the game he says "Transcode, Shooting Star Rockman!".
    • This is because "Starforce" is only an unofficial disambiguation name, and Geo's EM Wave Changed form shares his exact name with the original Mega Man, with no disambiguation suffix. Thus, the Wave Change announcement is a direct translation.
  • The Japanese-only "Battle Black Box" sourcebook describes Joker as Transcode: 000.
  • The name "Transcode" can be interepreted as "Transformation Code", as well as the act of Transcoding.
  • There are clear jumps between Taurus Fire's, Wolf Woods' and Cygnus Wing's Transcode numbers.

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