This page is about Prometheus and Pandora as a collective boss. For individual info, view their respective pages below.

Prometheus and Pandora are the penultimate bosses in Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent. They appear in the second to last missions in both games.

Characteristics and attacks

For this battle, it follows a pattern. They appear, perform and attack, and disappear after. Some of Prometheus and Pandora's moves are also tweaked a bit to make them harder to dodge.

The duo can use moves from their previous encounters, with Pandora using Homing Plasma, Ice Doll (improved), Electric Line, and Cold Rain, while Prometheus uses Evil Waltz and Quartet Burst. They also have a new move at their disposal:

  • Cross Finale (呪われた最終楽章(クロス・フィナーレ) Norowareta Saishū Gakushō (Kurosu Fināre), "The Cursed Final Movement (Cross Finale)") - Pandora removes the two bits of her helmet and each generate their own element (one ice, one thunder). They each fire their own projectiles in a pattern before disappearing. Afterwards Prometheus comes and strikes from the top, leaving four red flames behind. Used on their final HP bar.

In Mega Man ZX Advent

Their battle is similar to the one in the last game. However, they also gain an entirely different strategy that makes them slightly harder overall. They have new moves:

  • Flame Nova (フレイム・ノヴァ) - Prometheus generates two flaming pillars beside him. There are two variations to this attack:
    • They swirls on his sides in a propagating fashion.
    • They simply move to the sides of the arena. This variation requires hitting one of the pillars to stay safe.
  • Loop-the-Loop (ループ・ザ・ループ) - Pandora creates a barrier of electric versions of her staff that she uses for herself whilst using two other to spin and attack the player. The barrier can't be pierced by normal means. However, Grey's Homing Shot and Model ZX's ZX Saber can bypass it.
  • Evil Rondo (イビル・ロンド) - Pandora uses her Flying Attack from the top, while Prometheus performs Evil Waltz. Again, hitting Prometheus will guarantee dodging the attack.
  • Hell Pavane (ヘル・パヴァーヌ) - Prometheus uses a simplified version of Hell Nocturne, while Pandora's bits orbit around her, eventually leaving the screen.
  • Icy or Elegy (アイシー・オア・エレジー) - Similar to the Cross Finale from the previous game, except that Pandora's bits attack differently: Pandora's bits move up and down on the sides of the screen. First she will use Cold Rain, with the ice spikes only moving horizontally. Afterwards she will change her element and use Homing Plasma. After her attacks, Prometheus comes and strikes from the top, leaving four red flames behind, his range being slightly shorter than the Cross Finale version. If Pandora is hit by an ice attack while she is in her thunder form, she cancels the move and Prometheus attacks immediately.
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