Propeller Eye (プロペラアイ Puropera Ai) is a flying enemy robot in Mega Man 6 that appears in the stages of Blizzard Man, Plant Man and Yamato Man. It is an improved version of the Pukapelly from Mega Man 5 with a shell to protect it, and a propeller was added because of the weight of its armor. It chases after the player in short movements, and can only be damaged when its shell opens to reveal its camera eye.

Propeller Eye T

Propeller Eye T (プロペラアイ・タフ) is an upgraded model in Mega Man 11, appearing in Blast Man's and Tundra Man's stages, as well as the Gear Fortress stages. It's able to fire lasers when its camera eye is exposed, but it can also be stunned with a charge shot while the eye is not exposed.   

Hits Data Chart

Amount of shots/hits from Special Weapons it takes to destroy a Propeller Eye.

Mega Man 6
Mega Buster Blizzard Attack Centaur Flash Flame Blast Knight Crusher Plant Barrier Silver Tomahawk Wind Storm Yamato Spear Rush Power Adapter Beat
3:3:1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2:1 1

Other media

Propeller Eyes in the Rockman 6 manga.

Propeller Eye appears in the Rockman 6 manga, where its camera eye is a cannon that can shot projectiles straight forward or drop them in an arc, and it is shown to be able to talk.

Mr. X sends some Propeller Eyes to attack Dr. Light's Laboratory after announcing his plans to conquer the world. Dr. Light and everyone inside the laboratory escape with a helicopter equipped with jets, leaving the Propeller Eyes behind. Propeller Eyes also appear in Blizzard Man's base and Plant Man's base.


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