Properide (プロペライド Puroperaido) is an indestructible platform from Mega Man 7. It is a Bunby Top that was remodeled to carry objects, changes including having the polarity from its power supply inverted.[1] They are found in Junk Man's stage, and are docile until a junk block from a chute above them slams onto their head, which appears to annoy them. Bits of junk will then be fired from the block until it is destroyed, after which the Properide will return to its normal behavior.

Other media

Properide had a brief appearance in the Rockman 7 manga.


Unused Properide sprites from The Power Battle.

  • The name Properide is a combination of the words "propeller" and "ride."
  • Unused sprites found in Mega Man: The Power Battle show that Properide was planned to appear in the game, but was left out or removed from gameplay at some point during the game's development.[2]
  • They are almost identical in appearance to the Foot Holders from Mega Man.