ProtoMan Returns is the forty-ninth episode of MegaMan NT Warrior Axess.





Dub changes

Several changes were made in the dub that change the story a slight bit or ommit some details. These include:

  • The entire sequence involving Chaud at his mother's grave is cut. As a result, Shuuseki Ijuin's only appearance in Axess is cut, as well as ProtoMan's origin through dialogue.
  • When Chaud uses Cross Fusion to unite with Dark ProtoMan, the original sequence has Lan stating "He died", whereas the dub has Lan saying "Chaud's evil".
  • During the sequence when Chaud is advancing on ProtoMan in his Cross Fusion state, ProtoMan's Neo Variable wave that penetrates Chaud's midsection is ommitted, instead showing a wave implying he was hit, but not showing the point of impact.


  • During the scene where an infant Chaud and ProtoMan are introduced to one another, Chaud is shown holding his Advanced PET that was introduced in this series instead of a Plug-in PET, the model PET that came before it. This same issue can be seen during the reintroduction to Raoul and ThunderMan back in the episode Nebula's Great Invasion!, where both Lan and Raoul are shown using Advanced PETs while Net Battling for the first time.