A quiz is a common minigame in which the player attempts to answer questions correctly, testing the player's knowledge.


Mega Man Legends 2

Mega Man Volnutt can take quizzes with Yōkan, Ofuton and Yaito.

Mega Man Battle Network 2

Lan Hikari can take quizzes with three persons.

Quiz KidElectopia Airport 5
Quiz MasterNetopia Castle's Banquet Room, after defeating Quiz Kid. 10
Quiz KingNetopia Castle's Arrow Room, after defeating Quiz Master. 15

Mega Man Battle Network 3

Like the previous game, Lan can take quizzes with different persons.

Mr. QuizYoka Inn 5RegUP 3
Quiz Master Behind Yoka Inn, after defeating Mr. Quiz 10HP Memory
Quiz Queen Seaside Hospital, after defeating Quiz Master. 10
Quiz King Hades Isle, after defeating Quiz Queen. 15

Mega Man Battle Network 5

Outside SciLab, after the second Liberation Mission 5
SciLab docks, after completing the previous quiz 10
Oran Island mine, after completing the previous quiz 15

Mega Man Battle Network 6

Mr.QuizCyber Academy 5
Quiz MasterAquarium 10
Quiz KingGreen Town 15

Mega Man Star Force

Geo Stelar can try Triv Query's quiz.

Mega Man Star Force 2

Geo can take quizzes with three persons.

Quiz GirlKate Chizer Hills Blvd.
Quiz KnightAlec Tribec Messie's Cove, after defeating Quiz Girl PzleBook
Quiz QueenWazafowonwon Whazzap, after defeating Quiz Knight HPMem20 (and the title of "Quiz King")
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