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Rafale (ラファール) is the robot used by Glyde in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne that can change between a bird form and a humanoid form. It's fought twice, being the first and penultimate boss of the game.

In the first battle, Glyde appears in the Nakkai Desert to make Teisel Bonne pay his debt to Loath or work for it. As Teisel doesn't have the money yet, he fights against Glyde and is defeated by his "Ultimate Glyde Laser", being captured along with Bon Bonne. He uses the bird form more often then the humanoid form in this battle.

In the fight on Loath's dungeon, he doesn't hold back as the Colossus was found and the Bonne family was no longer needed, using the humanoid form more often, but is defeated by them. After the fight, Glyde says he was just getting started and that his robot has a more powerful form he calls "Ultimate Glyde Transformation", but the robot was destroyed by Bon Bonne when he was preparing to transform, forcing Glyde to retreat.

The bird form is able to fly and attacks with soundwaves and pecks. In the second fight, Glyde attacks with three lasers in this form.

The humanoid form only attacks by sending electric discharges from the arms in the first battle, but in the second encounter, Glyde attacks with a dashing slash and stomps.


  • Rafale means "gust" in French.

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