Rafflesian (ラフレシアン Rafureshian) is a secret boss in Mega Man X: Command Mission. She can be found within Tianna Camp once X's party has acquired the Tianna Key through use of the Deployment Center. Once found, she gets upset at the party for interrupting her dance practice session, as well as getting a glance at her secret lesson, and attacks. Her special attack Sunburst, can hit ten times for 250 damage each unless defended against. She also comes with two Belladonnas as backup. The only clear difference between Rafflesian and her Belladonnas is the large, knee length metallic ballerina skirt she dons (which her Sunburst beams are actually shot from) and her squeakier sounding voice. Therefore, it can be argued that she is the master Belladonna model. Both Rafflesian and the Belladonas regain all of their life energy every turn. They will also gain stat increases; Rafflesian gains each turn, but the Belladonas only gain when they are attacked. It's better to focus on one enemy at a time, starting with Rafflesian. If you hit them all at once, the Belladonas will just gain power and the battle will become tougher.

Defeating Rafflesian grants the party X's Ultimate Armor and two Figure Tokens. Unlike fellow secret boss Duckbill Mole, there is nothing to indicate that Rafflesian is affiliated with the Rebellion, or if she even knows or cares that the items in her room include an armor mode for X.



When encountered by X

Rafflesian: Step♪ Step♪ And turn!♪ Tee hee! Eek! Just who are you?! You caught a glance of my secret lesson, didn't you?! Why, I can't believe this! You dirty little eensy weensy...Arrgggh! Unforgivable! It's time for your punishment! Behold, the myriad magical moves of the wondrous Super Idol, Rafflesian!

In-battle lines

"Who are you strangers?!"
"Get lost!"
"Look at me!"
"You little..."






Vs. Rafflesian
Megaman X Command Mission Rafflesian

Megaman X Command Mission Rafflesian


  • Rafflesian's name most likely derives from the name "Rafflesia", a parasitic flowering plant in the Indonesian rain forest. This may hint to why she constantly gains life energy each turn.
  • Rafflesian shares a few minor similarities with Marino. Not only does Marino's theme song play while fighting against Rafflesian, but both characters are also voiced by the same voice actress, Carol-Anne Day. They also have the same hairstyle (although Rafflesian has blue hair and Marino has green hair).

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