Raider Killer (レイダーキラー Reidā Kirā), known as Radar Killer in Mega Man X: Command Mission, is a Mechaniloid from the Mega Man X series created to stop intruders. Raider Killer is a sub-boss in Magna Centipede's stage in Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme, and is fought as a normal enemy in Mega Man X: Command Mission.

Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme

In its normal (green) state, Raider Killer has a simple attack pattern; and will only attack by firing pink flame-like shots and a three way laser blast at the height of every jump. But, if the search cursors in the previous room lock onto and analyze X, Raider Killer will use the pattern data obtained to progressively power up and prepare to repel the intruder; he gains new attack and defense capabilities each time X is scanned. Each form however has the same amount of health.

There are four levels of power to Raider Killer:

  • Green: The standard form, which fires pink energy bursts and jumps, shooting a spray of three bullets.
  • Blue: Aims his energy bursts at X instead of one continuous shooting method, requiring better dodging skills.
  • Red: Attempts to pounce on X and catch him off guard.
  • Purple: The strongest form, which creates a shield-like projectile with its mouth and shoots it at X.

In Mega Man X2, the most effective weapon is the Speed Burner.

Radar Killer

Radar Killer is an enemy from Mega Man X: Command Mission that only appears in Gaudile Laboratory. Their appearance is similar to the original, but they have three legs and the Rebellion mark on both shoulders. They attacks with lasers. There is a broken Radar Killer in Tianna Camp that can be repaired and used in the Deployment Center.

Triclaw Killer

Triclaw Killer, known as Trinity Killer (トリニティキラー) in Japan, is an enemy that appears in Mega Man X: Command Mission, mainly in the Melda Ore Plant stage. They are similar to Radar Killers, but are more durable and have different color schemes. Many of their attacks are also much like the Radar Killers, but are slightly stronger.

All Triclaw Killers focus on the target with the lowest LE using Bull's Eye and Split Maser until any party member have less than half its Max LE. Also, all Triclaw Killers use Focus Maser on the target with the lowest LE only when that target has less than half of its Max LE.

Other appearances

Raider Killer appeared as an unit card in TEPPEN.

Other media

Two Raider Killers make an appearance in the Rockman X2 manga fighting X in the Central Computer location.

Archie Comics

Raider Killer appeared as part of Sigma-2's forces in the Worlds Unite crossover event.


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