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"S.M. button on the ground. Lightning attack. Effective against distant enemies."
―In-game text, Mega Man X4

Raijingeki (雷神撃 lit. "Raijin Attack" or "Thunder God Attack"), is the special technique that Zero learns after defeating Web Spider in Mega Man X4. This technique is based off Web Spider's ability to charge electricity. By pressing the Special Weapon button while standing, Zero will perform a forward thrust with the Z-Saber as a blade of blue lightning. Caution must be taken when performing Raijingeki as there is a slight lag between Zero drawing his Z-Saber and him thrusting with it.

For a faster execution, the attack can be incooperated in Zero's Z-Saber Combo after the 1st or 2nd Slash for a more devastating effect.

Like many other techniques, Raijingeki can also be interrupted anytime if Zero gets hit while performing this technique.

Out of Zero's arsenal, Split Mushroom, Magma Dragoon, and Slash Beast take the most damage from this technique.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X4.

X4-Icon-Zero-Raijingeki Raijingeki
Boss Damage
Eregion --
Web Spider 0
Split Mushroom 4
Cyber Peacock 2
Storm Owl 2
Magma Dragoon 4
Frost Walrus 1
Jet Stingray 0
Slash Beast 4
Tentoroid 1
Generaid Core --
Eyezard 0
DG-42L 3
Colonel 0
Iris 1
General 3
Reaper Sigma: 1st Phase --
Reaper Sigma: 2nd Phase 3
Earth Sigma 0
Gunner Sigma --
  • Minibosses such as Tentoroid and DG-42L do not have an invincibility period when struck, so Raijingeki can deal a tremendous amount of damage as it can inflict multiple hits. Damages listed on this chart is damage dealt per hit, not the total amount of damage done.


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  • Although it is not the main weakness of Magma Dragoon and Slash Beast (in fact, they don't have any if playing with Zero), it is very effective against them. It doesn't stun them, but slows them down.