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Raijinken (雷迅拳 lit. "Thunder Swift Fist") is a variety of the technique Raikousen that Zero and Layer obtain after defeating Gigabolt Man-O-War in Mega Man X8. It replaces Raikousen when the K Knuckle is equipped. Zero slides forward and performs a lightning-charged uppercut that ends with a powerful vertical lightning bolt that can allow him to grab objects (and Rare Metals) above and below him as well as break certain floors with this. It can be performed while air-dashing.


  • This move resembles two attacks from the Tekken series, the Raijinken (Thunder God Fist; the "jin" part is written in a different kanji; localized as "Lightning Uppercut") and the Fuujinken (Wind God Fist; localized as "Rising Uppercut"). The former is an unblockable uppercut from a low spinning motion for momentum and the latter is a rushing standing uppercut from a low position. The Fuujinken as of the third game can be inputted in an alternate manner for a quicker version with lightning effects (dubbed by fans the Denfuujinken/Electric Wind God Fist), in which the Raijinken from here resembles.

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