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"Giga attack button on the ground. The ultimate special attack that channels all stored energy into one blast. Use this move selectively as it consumes energy."
―In-game text, Mega Man X4

Rakuhouha (落鳳破 lit. "Falling Feng Crush), is the special technique and Giga Attack that Zero learns after defeating Cyber Peacock in Mega Man X4. This technique is based off Cyber Peacock's ability to shoot energy beams in half-circular pattern from all of his feathers on his tail. By pressing the S.M. button while on the ground, Zero will cry "Get ready!" before slamming his fist to the ground, causing nine bolts of destructive energy to erupt in a fanned out manner. The projectiles are not only capable of going through walls - coupled with the fact that there are nine of them, providing a decent range - but they are also capable of destroying most enemies in one hit.

Rakuhouha is the only technique of Zero's in Mega Man X4 that has its own energy meter, and because Rakuhouha is powerful and has excellent range that surpass any of Zero's moves alone, it can only be used sparingly as it uses up 12 units of Weapon Energy per use.

This Giga Attack is Storm Owl and Sigma's (2nd phase) weaknesses.

This attack also appears in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as one of Zero's new moves, where Zero will unleash three green projectiles in an array forward. This is performed upon releasing his max level Hyper Zero Blaster shot during a Hadangeki.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X4.

X4-Icon-Zero-Rakuhouha Rakuhouha
Boss Damage
Eregion --
Web Spider 1
Split Mushroom 0
Cyber Peacock 0
Storm Owl 2*
Magma Dragoon 1
Frost Walrus 1
Jet Stingray 1
Slash Beast 1
Tentoroid 1
Generaid Core 1
Eyezard 2
DG-42L 1
Colonel 1
Iris 1
General 1
Reaper Sigma: 1st Phase 0
Reaper Sigma: 2nd Phase 4
Earth Sigma 0
Gunner Sigma 1
  • Rakuhouha can deal multiple hits depending on how many energy bolts strike the boss. The damages listed in this chart is damage done per hit, not the total amount of damage done.
  • For Storm Owl, using Rakuhouha against him deals 2 units of damage for each energy bolt that hits him.


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  • The term "feng" (鳳, pronounced as "fuh-ng") is used as a term for a male Chinese firebird, often mistranslated as a phoenix.
  • Via its appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, this is one of Zero's few Giga Attacks that is converted into a simple special move.