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Rakukoujin (落鋼刃 lit. "Falling Steel Blade"), is the special technique that Zero learns after defeating Metal Shark Player in Mega Man X6. When pressing DOWN on the D-Pad then the Attack Button while airborne, Zero's Z-Saber blade transforms into a gigantic steel sword. When the sword hits the ground, it explodes, and an anchor is released from the sword. This anchor is much like Mega Man X's version of Metal Anchor -- it bounces around for while until it explodes and disappears, however, Zero's anchors last for a shorter time. Zero can have more than one anchor on the screen if the player is able to perform Rakukoujin quick enough. Rakukoujin can be used to destroy the otherwise indestructible Nightmare Iron blocks in certain stages. Performing Rakukoujin does not consume Weapon Energy until the blade hits the ground.

This weapon is the primary weakness for Shield Sheldon, Nightmare Mother, and Sigma's first form.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X6.

X6-Icon-Zero-Rakukoujin Rakukoujin
Boss Damage
Commander Yammark 2:2
Ground Scaravich 2:2
Blaze Heatnix 2:2
Blizzard Wolfang 2:2
Rainy Turtloid 2:2
Metal Shark Player 4:0
Shield Sheldon 8:5
Infinity Mijinion 2:2
Nightmare Snake 5:5
Nightmare Pressure 8:0
Illumina 4:--
High Max 4:3
Dynamo 2:2
Nightmare Mother 8:6
High Max 4:3
Gate 0:0
Sigma: 1st Phase 8:5
Sigma: 2nd Phase 0:0
  • For Rakukoujin, the first number is damage inflicted from the giant steel blade; second number is damage from the metal anchor created from the blade's explosion.


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