Mega Man using Rapid Stinger.

Rapid Stinger is the Special Weapon used by the Roboticized Master Charmy Man in the crossover Worlds Collide. Similar to the Needle Cannon, the weapon fires a rapid burst of needles at a target. Mega Man used it against Knuckles Man, but it proved ineffective. It was later used aboard the Wily Egg to set up Metal Sonic so that Sonic could strike a crippling blow against him.

Mega Man's colors when using this weapon are black and yellow.


  • While the weapon has not been used effectively against any of the Roboticized Masters, there is a chance, given the order of combat shown in the comic, that it is the weakness of Espio Man. Especially considering that Espio Man immediately tried to assassinate Mega Man after he got the weapon under his Chroma Camo.

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