Ravemanta is a large, manta ray-like flying transport from Mega Man X8 fought twice as the sub-boss of Avalanche Yeti's stage, Central White.


In the first encounter, while flying high out of reach, the Ravemanta drops Kelpies that attempt to ram into the player. After dropping the small wave of Kelpies, the Ravemanta lowers itself to the ground and begins attacking with shots fired from cannons on its backside; this is the only time it can be damaged. Zero and X's attacks are the most effective. After receiving sufficient damage, it escapes.

Near the end of the stage the Ravemanta reappears for a second assault, with more health and new attacks. At the start of the battle it will fly off into the distance and turn to face the player, and begin dropping several bouncing Mine-Qs. The Ravemanta will then drop to the ground (situated either to the left or right) and rush towards the screen. After reappearing, it will fly low and fire shots, rising up in between firing several times to release Kelpies to rush the player. Like the first encounter, the only opportunity to damage the Ravemanta is while it is flying low to the ground; however, as it makes an effort to keep its distance from the player this time, it maybe necessary to use the Ride Chaser's boost function to get into attack range.



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