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Ray Splasher (レイスプラッシャー Rei Supurasshā) is the Special Weapon that X gains from defeating Neon Tiger in Mega Man X3. When uncharged, it fires a quick volley of seven energy bullets in a spread formation. When charged, X shoots a glass container upwards which randomly fires twenty-two Ray Splasher bullets in various directions before the glass container self-destructs.

Ray Splasher is Gravity Beetle and Godkarmachine O Inary's weakness, and this weapon is also effective against Byte, Press Disposer and Vile. In Vile and Byte's case, if X faces them before going to Dr. Doppler's fortress, they must be struck with this weapon (or Spinning Blade and Tornado Fang, respectively) in order for them to be destroyed - and not just defeated - otherwise they must be fought again. Vile's Kangaroo Armor in the hidden factory stage also shares this weakness with Vile as well.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X3.

X3-Icon-RaySplasher Ray Splasher
Boss Damage
Normal Charged
Maoh the Giant -- --
Toxic Seahorse 1 1:1
Tunnel Rhino 1 2:1
Volt Catfish 1 1:1
Crush Crawfish 1 1
Neon Tiger 0 0:0
Gravity Beetle 3 5:3
Blast Hornet 1 1:1
Blizzard Buffalo 0 1:0
Bit 1 1:1
Byte 2 5:2
Vile MK-2 (Kangaroo Armor) 2 5:2
Vile MK-2 (Vile) 2 5:2
Godkarmachine O Inary 3 5:3
Vile MK-2 (Goliath Armor) 1 1:1
Vile MK-2 (Vile) 2 5:2
Press Disposer 2 5:2
Volt Kurageil 1 1:1
Dr. Doppler 1 1:1
Sigma 1 1:1
Kaiser Sigma 0 0:0
  • For Ray Splasher, the first value is damage done in its normal state; for the second set of values, the first number is damage done with the actual pod, and the second number is damage done from the light projectiles fired from that pod.



Other appearances

Ray Splasher appears in Project X Zone 2 as part of X and Zero's assist attack when they are called in to support another unit.


  • In the official art of Mega Man X using Ray Splasher, his armor is depicted as being red-and-yellow; in Mega Man X3, however, the color scheme for his sprite is tan-and-yellow instead.

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