Rayfly, known as "War Raia" (ウォーライア Wōraia) in Japan, is a large flying machine boss that is fought in the Locate Giro mission in Area B from Mega Man ZX. It hovers above Vent or Aile and drops three box-like Bounce Cannons to the floor at a time. Destroying the Bounce Cannons is the only way to damage Rayfly, as it hovers out of reach of Model X's weapons. After it is defeated, Vent/Aile find themselves unable to destroy it. Giro appears then and slashes it with Model Z's saber, which makes Rayfly crash to the ground and explode.

Bounce Cannon

Bounce Cannon (バウンスキャノン Baunsu Kyanon) is the enemy that is dropped by Rayfly. It appears to have two different varieties, one with a blue gem that is indestructible and fires bouncing projectiles, and one with a red gem that doesn't attack and can receive damage. Destroying these enemies will make it bounce up and explode, damaging Rayfly.


Cankerfly, known as "War Riker" (ウォーライカー Wōraikā) in Japan, is the sub-boss of the Highway 2 in Mega Man ZX Advent and a blue variant of the Rayfly. It is a thoroughly refined cargo craft that is said to be 80% more aggressive than the Rayfly. It has been sent on bombing runs to test its capabilities. Cankerfly attacks by dropping ice balls that split when hit and bombs. Some Cankerflies can be seen flying around Ouroboros during its rise.


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