Rockman Revival Strategy! is the 24th Japanese episode of MegaMan NT Warrior, whereas in the English dub it is the 21st episode and entitled Rebuilding MegaMan. It features the debut of Rush.


Lan's dad, Dr. Hikari, has devised a way to rebuild MegaMan! Now that the gang has assembled MegaMan's data, it simply has to be input into MegaMan's cyber structure, or "Frame," and rebooted. Unfortunately, this Frame is located inside SciLab's computer network, which is now under the control of PharaohMan. It's going to require a tremendous team effort, a crazy cyberdog, and a lot of Mrs. Hikari's spaghetti to hack into SciLab's maximum security system! Meanwhile, the secret Net Agents Commander Beef, Black Rose (Sal), and Mysteriyu (Miyu) have enlisted Higsby's help to find a back door to the Cyber Net so they can hack in, shut down SciLab, and capture PharaohMan. But they're not the only ones after the fearsome pharaoh! BlasterMan and StoneMan return with an army of clones on a Wily mission of their own!![1]



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