Recycle Lab (リサイクル研究所 Risaikuru Kenkyūjo) is Metal Shark Player's stage in Mega Man X6. It is a recycling plant and research lab.


Almost the entire stage has garbage compactors on the ceiling that periodically drop to the floor, which is instantly fatal. However, it can be avoided by ducking into spots in the floor. Using a Ride Armor will also stop the compressor from crushing the player (even if the player is not in the Ride Armor, meaning it can be discarded to prop the compactor up). If the Nightmare Phenomenon is in effect, certain areas will be icy and Nightmare Cubes will be present. After the first compactor area, there is a warp - while it looks like it will send the Maverick Hunter to the secret area, it is mandatory. This will send to the second area, which has another compactor, but with an added conveyor belt and later the sub-boss Nightmare Pressure. At the end of this area, a secret route can be taken to access the true Nightmare area warp, or one can continue to face Metal Shark Player.



  • Life Up: During the second compactor area with the conveyor belt, the Life Up can be found on the floor between pillars behind a Reploid.
  • Shadow Armor's Head Program: After the second compactor area, destroy the Nightmare Cubes on the left. Quickly pass under the compactor and head down the hole at the end. Then cross the giant gap (a normal jump won't work) to find the capsule and a Nightmare warp.


  • The Stage Select Screen indicates that the Recycle Lab is located around western Indonesia. However, as the map contains errors, it's unknown if this is its actual location.

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