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The Red Sun Tournament (レッドサントーナメント) or The Blue Moon Tournament (ブルームーントーナメント) is the last NetBattle tournament that Lan Hikari and MegaMan participate in Mega Man Battle Network 4. Both are global tournaments that happened at the same time, with Lan participating in the one with the same name as the game's version. It is held by the World NetBattle Association (WNBA). The competitors MegaMan can face are:

After the tournament, Dr. Regal reveals to Lan that the tournaments were held to find the world's best NetBattlers, one to send his NetNavi to Duo's asteroid and stop it, and other to use his advanced operation skills to operate satellites and plot the course of the asteroid.[1]

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  1. "...First of all, the reason why we searched for the best NetBattlers... We recently held two global scale battle tournaments, and we found the two greatest battlers - Lan and one other. (...) In order for this mission to succeed, the most delicate operating skills will be crucial. The only one who can do it is you, Lan. Already, the other champion is working at Sharo SpaceCtr to operate satellites and plot the course of the asteroid." - Dr. Regal, Mega Man Battle Network 4

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