Rekkyoudan (烈鏡断 lit. "Violent Mirror Sever") is the technique Zero and Layer obtain after defeating Earthrock Trilobyte in Mega Man X8. This technique changes the color of Zero's Z-Saber to orange, allowing him to deflect energy projectiles with it. Unlike Tenkuuha in Mega Man X4, which is applied to other special techniques as well, Rekkyoudan's ability is only applied to Zero's normal attacks. Once learned, the Z-Saber permanently becomes orange with Rekkyoudan activated for the rest of the game and there is no way to deactivate this feature.

If used with the B Fan it becomes Zekkyoudan (絶鏡断 lit. "Absolute Mirror Sever"), which allows reflected projectiles to hit and damage enemies.

This technique is Gigabolt Man-O-War's primary weakness. It can be used to destroy mini jellyfish created by the Maverick.


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