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RTRZ-Physis CDCover

CD Box art

Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero - Physis is the fourth and last remixed soundtrack for the Rockman Zero series, with music from Rockman Zero 4. It was produced by Inti Creates and released in September 30, 2005. It includes bonus tracks, vocals and drama tracks. Unlike the other Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero, the drama tracks do not expand on the game's storyline and are merely dramatized versions of in-game events. It also contains a calendar and two booklets, one with information of the soundtrack and the other with an epilogue of the series called "Vile's Incident: Eden dome, its sin and rebirth". Early copies of the soundtrack also included a 2006 calendar.

Track listing

Disc one

  1. Title IV
  2. Ragnarok Record -Prologue- Gjallarhorn
  3. Caravan -Hope for Freedom-
  4. Nothing Beats
  5. Holy Land
  6. Elves Dance
  7. Esperanto
  8. Fragile Border
  9. On the Edge
  10. Kraft
  11. Max Heat
  12. Deep Blue
  13. Celestial Gardens
  14. Queen of the Hurt
  15. Showdown
  16. Cage of Tyrant
  17. Ragnarok Record -At Prison- Valhol
  18. Exodus
  19. Blaze Down
  20. Sleeping Beast
  21. Magnetic Rumble
  22. Blackheart Beat
  23. Crash IV

Disc two

  1. Straight Ahead
  2. Ragnarok Record -At Control room- Laevatein
  3. Power Field
  4. Rust and Dust
  5. Crossover Station
  6. Cyber Space
  7. Ragnarok
  8. Fate -Theme of Vile-
  9. Ragnarok Record -Final battle- Ragnarok
  10. Falling Down
  11. Ciel d'aube
  12. Promise - Next New World - (Overseas Version)
  13. Alouette March
  14. Inside of a Flame
  15. Freesia
  16. L'Oiseau Du Bonheur (Karaoke Version)
  17. Freesia (Karaoke Version)
  18. Clover (Karaoke Version)


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