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RTRZ-Telos CDCover

Soundtrack cover

Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero ΤΕΛΟΣ (Telos) is the third remixed and arranged soundtrack released for the Mega Man Zero series. Similar to Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Idea, it includes bonus tracks, vocals and content that expands upon the game's storyline. It was released by Inti Creates on December 10, 2004 in Japan.

"Telos" is perhaps referring to Omega himself, or to the end of Zero's "old business" with Weil and Omega.

The two main discs are named after the two Baby Elves who serve as antagonists, Créer and Prier (Crea and Prea in the English version of Mega Man Zero 3).

Créer disc

  1. Title III
  2. Neo Arcadia March
  3. Forbidden Ark
  4. Break Out
  5. Darkness over World
  6. Exiled One -Omega
  7. Omega Battle
  8. Curse of Vile
  9. Result of Mission III
  10. Prismatic
  11. Visor Eyes
  12. Volcano
  13. Water City
  14. Reborn Mechanics
  15. Old Life Space
  16. Crèer and Prier
  17. Crash III
  18. Final Count Down
  19. Omega Missile
  20. Darkelf -Arrange-
  21. For Endless Fight III
  22. Sand Triangle II
  23. Infiltration II
  24. Neo Arcadia III
  25. Cold Smile
  26. Trail on Powdery Snow
  27. Submerged Memory
  28. High-Speed Lift

Prier disc

Note: Track 10 to 19 are drama tracks.

  1. Hell's Gate Open
  2. Scrapped Beat
  3. Judgement Day
  4. Return to Zero
  5. Apocalypse Now
  6. Cannon Ball
  7. I, 0 Your Fellow
  8. Everlasting Red
  9. Lab -System-a-Ciel-
  10. Retrospect1_Elf War
  11. Record1_Clockwork Apple
  12. Record2_Irregular Passion
  13. Decision_Eight Gentle Judges
  14. Diary_Alouette's Good Day
  15. Will1_Vile Numbers
  16. Will2_Light and Shadow
  17. Will3_Stand and Fight
  18. Will4_With Our Justice
  19. Retrospect2_Dream's Never End

Additional information

  • For translations of tracks 10-19, see the Telos Drama Track Translations page. Due to its length, track 14, "Diary_Alouette's Good Day", has its own page.
  • The four "Will" tracks are side stories that occur during Mega Man Zero 3 with respect to the Guardians' perspective.
  • The theme for the final stage, Weil's Lab, titled "Curse of Vile - Stage Version" in the OST discs, is not remastered in here, likely due to its resemblance with "Curse of Vile".
  • "Records 1 & 2" are the personal views of Elpizo, before his appearance in the second title, and also clarifies why he is so bent on destroying Neo Arcadia.
  • Only half of the Eight Gentle Judges are featured in both tracks they appear in, namely Cubit Foxtar, Childre Inarabitta, Tretista Kelverian and Deathtanz Mantisk. In the first track, "Decision_Eight Gentle Judges", their voices and manner of speech are clearly different from their corrupted selves in "Will1_Vile Numbers". For instance, Foxtar's voice was more boyish than effeminate, Mantisk and Kelverian lacked the crazed and brutish mannerisms, respectively, of their latter selves, and Inarabitta was calmer.


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