Rembakun (レンバクン Renbakun) is a flying enemy in Mega Man 5, a bombing robot based on Bombier. Rembakun quickly drops three bombs as Mega Man goes under it. They appear in Charge Man's stage and the first section of Proto Man's Castle in Mega Man 5 and Mega Man IV, and in the first battle from Super Adventure Rockman.

Other media

Rembakun appeared in the Rockman 5 manga.


  • Star Crash, despite being Mega Man 5's shield weapon, does not protect Mega Man from the bombs this enemy drops. It can, however, still destroy the enemy itself on contact.



  • Its name is probably a combination of Japanese words, "renzoku" (連続, consecutive) and "bakugeki" (爆撃, bombing).

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