The Resistance (レジスタンス) is a group of Reploids labelled as Mavericks by Neo Arcadia. The leader of the Resistance is Ciel. Although they oppose Neo Arcadia and its government, they mean no harm to anyone, and fight only to defend themselves and (by the time of the fourth game) all those facing oppression from Dr. Weil. In fact, Ciel seeks to end this fighting through more peaceful means.

After the symbol of oppression presented by Neo Arcadia and Ragnarok is dissolved with their destruction, it's likely that Ciel disbanded the group. However, it's also possible that the Resistance continued functioning to preserve the peace in honor of the sacrifice of one of its key members, becoming the Guardians as of Mega Man ZX.


From left to right: Hirondelle, Hibou, Menart, Autruche, Cerveau, Alouette, Faucon, Andrew, unnamed member, Rocinolle, Perroquiet, Doigt, Colbor, Pic, Dande.




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Founder and leader of the Resistance. She temporarily stepped down from her position during Mega Man Zero 2 to research energy, but returned to the post after Elpizo went AWOL. Goes on to form the Guardians.


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The legendary Reploid found by Ciel in an underground laboratory. He joins the Resistance's cause for he sees the persecution of innocent Reploids wrong. Nearly most of the success of the Resistance during the Second Maverick Wars is contributed to Zero. Missing at the end of Mega Man Zero 4.

Mega Man X


Mega Man X, the true ruler of Neo Arcadia himself, provides aid to the Resistance in his cyber-elf form, particularly to Zero and Ciel, throughout the series (even though he is not directly a member of the Resistance himself). This is largely due to his disapproval of the policies of his clone regarding the treatment of the Reploids.


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Commander of the Resistance when Ciel stepped down in MMZ2, and leader of the disastrous "Operation Righteous Strike". After the events of the said operation, Elpizo sought the power of the Dark Elf to use it against humans, but was defeated by Zero.



Cerveau (セルヴォ Seruvo) is the engineer who makes Zero's weapons; he also mentions that he works alongside Ciel in her research. His name is French for brain, though it could also be a pun on the word "Servo", given his aptitude for machinery. He appears in all four Mega Man Zero games, where he creates parts and weapons to the player. He is constantly worrying about Ciel and Zero's safety. The player can also see the game database with him in Mega Man Zero 3 and 4.




Voice Seiyū: Ryō Hirohashi

Alouette (アルエット Aruetto) is a child Reploid that treasures a doll Ciel gave her. She also looks up to, and admires, Ciel, with aspirations to follow in Ciel's footsteps as a researcher. She is an expert Cyber Elf handler and raises the Cyber Elves that Zero obtains. She is the one who named the Baby Elves Crea and Prea. It's assumed she is Prairie in Mega Man ZX. Her name is French for "Lark". That Doll she has may also be a little Cyber-Elf.

Rouge and Jaune


Rouge (ルージュ Rūju) and Jaune (ジョーヌ Jōnu, also translated as Joan) are the operators of the Resistance Base. Their names are French for "red" and "yellow," corresponding to their hair color. They appear in Mega Man Zero 2 and 3. In Mega Man Zero 4, Rouge travels with the other Resistance members and Jaune has only a short appearance communicating with them.



Voice Seiyū: Ikuo Nishikawa

Andrew (アンドリュー Andoryū, also Andre) is a old Reploid who likes to talk a lot. In the past, he was a sailor, a breadmaker (he taught a bread recipe to a descendent of Lucia, a breadmaker in Mega Man ZX), and a teacher (Brise's grandmother was one of his students). He appears in the first three Mega Man Zero games.


Autruche (オトリッシュ Otorisshu) is a tall Reploid known for his dull speeches. He takes care of the goods on the base's storage room. His name is French for "Ostrich".


Colbor (コルボー Korubō) is a member of the Resistance, dedicated leader of the Colbor Team, that made some mistakes. Zero has to save him from Harpuia in the "Rescue Colbor" mission of Mega Man Zero. He also has two short appearances in Mega Man Zero 4: once to lead the Resistance in helping evacuate Neo Arcadia, and in the ending, where he was amongst the group of people (humans and Reploids alike) in Area Zero watching Ragnarok's descent. A more accurate transliteration of his name would be Corbeau, French for "Raven", which fits with the theme of most other Resistance numbers (being named after the French words for various birds).


Dande (ダンド Dando) is a Reploid that only appears in the first two Mega Man Zero games. His original name was 0NB6, which was changed by Ciel. Dande keeps expressing gratitude to Zero for his work for the Resistance. His absence in subsequent games may imply that he perished.


Doigt (ドワ Dowa) is Cerveau's helper and weaponmaker. Doigt is apparently proud of his contribution in helping create Zero's Recoil Rod. He appears in Mega Man Zero 2 and 3. His name is French for "Finger".


Faucon (フォコン Fokon) is a combat Reploid that travels with Zero and the other Resistance members in Mega Man Zero 4. His role is to protect the Resistance trailer whenever Zero is unable to or is on a mission, since they seem to be the only combat Reploids in the group. His name is French for "Falcon".


Hibou (イプー Ibū) is a fat and hungry Reploid that eats a lot of E-Crystals. In Mega Man Zero he is lazy and stands in the way to a Cyber-elf, and will only exit if Zero gives E-Crystals to him. In Mega Man Zero 2 and 3 he says he is working hard, and starts a diet in Zero 3. In Mega Man Zero 4 he appears shortly with other Resistance members helping to evacuate humans from Neo Arcadia. Strangely enough, his sprites in the original game is the generic Resistance sprite, but was changed in his later appearances. His name is French for "Owl".


Hirondelle (イロンデル Ironderu) is a Reploid that goes around and gathers information for the Resistance, and gives hints to the player. One of his hobbies is composing poetry. In Mega Man Zero 4, he provides 2 of the game's 4 subtanks in exchange for S-crystals. He appears in Mega Man Zero 2, 3 and 4. His name is French for "Swallow".

"Isosu" and "Pasosu"

"Isosu" (イソス) and "Pasosu" (パソス) are two Reploids from Mega Man Zero 2 that were involved in Elpizo's Operation Righteous Strike. As all soldiers in this operation died, they presumably died too, through only one of them was seen before the operation start (image).


Menart (メナート Menāto) is a mischief-maker who plays hooky and doesn't like working. He usually stands in the harbor of the Resistance Base in Mega Man Zero 2 and 3. He has also a short appearance helping rescue humans in Mega Man Zero 4.


Milan (ミラン Miran) is a member of the Resistance that died in the beginning of the first game to protect Ciel from Pantheons. It is interesting to note that he is the only Resistance member to have a see-through visor.



Perroquiet (ペロケ Peroke) is a brilliant assistant to Ciel. If Alouette was assumed to be Prairie of the Guardians, then Perroquiet is assumed to be Fleuve. His name is almost undoubtedly a poor transliteration of "Perroquet", French for "Parrot", which fits in with the French-bird-theme of the Resistance names.


Pic (ピック Pikku) is a cynical Reploid who makes snide comments. A more accurate transliteration of his name might be "Pique", French for "Stings".




Rocinolle (ロシニョル Roshinyoru) helps with wounded Reploids in the maintenance room of the Resistance Base. Rocinolle appears in Mega Man Zero 2 and 3. It was her maintenance room which Zero first wakes up in at the start of Mega Man Zero 2, although she's shortly absent at that time. While "Rocinolle" doesn't mean anything, ロシニョル is the transcryption of "Rossignol", which is French for "Nightingale".


HE-22 is the serial number of the Reploid that helped Elpizo escape from Neo Arcadia and took him to the Resistance Base. For reasons unknown, this Reploid doesn't appear in the Mega Man Zero games.


  • Except for Colbor, Milan, and Faucon, most soldiers from the Resistance were unnamed.
  • After the Destroy the Disposal Center mission, two unnamed Reploids (or possibly just Mechaniloids) were rescued by Zero and taken to the Resistance base. They only appear in the first game, but some reappear in the Mega Man Zero 3 part of the Mega Man Zero Collection, if the proper Mod Cards are used to insert new characters into the base, all of which supply E-Crystals.
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