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RiCO is a character to be introduced in the upcoming mobile game, Rockman X DiVE. In the game, she speaks directly to the player, summoning Hunter Programs for them to control, as well as taking the role of the game's navigator.[1]


RiCO takes the appearance of a young female Reploid donning a mainly white and blue uniform-like armor, with yellow and orange details. While she looks quite proper and professional, with a necktie, headset and tablet giving her the appearance of a navigator, her young looks also give her a jovial and upbeat aspect. Matching the details of her armor, she has blue eyes and hair, the latter kept tied in a sidetail. She also sports in some occasions round glasses with a silver frame.


In contrast to the other navigators in the X series, who in general tend to present a more serious and straightforward demeanor (Pallette to a lesser extent), RiCO exudes a bubbly and cheerful behavior, excitedly encouraging the player during navigation.


  • The name RiCO shares the capitalization of the name of the game the character debuts in (Rockman X DiVE).
  • RiCO shares a striking resemblance to the character NiCO from the Dead or Alive series, from color scheme to sharing the same typing quirk on their names.





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