RiCO (リコ Riko) is character in Mega Man X DiVE, acting as both a playable character and the game's navigator. In the game, she speaks directly to the Player, summoning Hunter Programs for them to control.[1]


RiCO takes the appearance of a young female Reploid donning a mainly white and blue uniform-like armor, with yellow and orange details. While she looks quite proper and professional, with a necktie, headset and tablet giving her the appearance of a navigator, her young looks also give her a jovial and upbeat aspect. Matching the details of her armor, she has blue eyes and hair, the latter kept tied in a sidetail. She also sports in some occasions round glasses with a silver frame.

In contrast to the other navigators in the Mega Man X series, who in general tend to present a more serious and straightforward demeanor (Pallette to a lesser extent), RiCO exudes a bubbly and cheerful behavior, excitedly encouraging the player during navigation.

Hunter Programs


RiCO is an S rank Hunter Program exclusive to the DiVE Festival. Her Active Skills are Data Recreation and Data Analysis. Data Recreation summons an information field for 12 seconds that randomly releases abilities from the Deep Log, including Plasma Charge Shot and Genmu Zero. Data Analysis creates a force field that causes damage to enemies within range and protects RiCO from damage.

RiCO also has a pink haired skin named Sakura RiCO.

Hunter R (Kamura)

Hunter R (Kamura) is a Monster Hunter Rise collaboration version of RiCO wearing the Kamura Armor set. Her Active Skills are Shelling and Anchor Guard.

Valentines Day RiCO

Valentines Day RiCO is a Valentine's Day event version.


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Other appearances

  • RiCO appeared as an Unit Card in TEPPEN.
  • Navigator RiCO appeared as an event character in the game Tower of Saviors.
  • RiCO appeared in the event story from the Rockman X DiVE collaboration in Shironeko Project.

Other media

RiCO was featured in a short Hi Score Girl collaboration manga.


Rico means “home ruler” in German, denoting her position as the administrator of the Deep Log.




  • The name RiCO shares the capitalization of the name of the game the character debuts in (Rockman X DiVE).
  • RiCO has heavy similarities to the character NiCO from the Dead or Alive series. Both have blue hair brushed to the side and wear glasses, wear white clothing with blue trims and short-shorts with knee high leggings. Both have similar names going so far of having the same typing quirk on it (RiCO and NiCO). Both characters are associated with technology and science. The only notable difference is personality, as NiCO has a more cold and emotionless outlook to her, while RiCO is shown to have a very bubbly disposition.