Ring Boomerang (リングブーメラン Ringu Būmeran) is Ring Man's Special Weapon. It has a somewhat limited range and, as its name implies, boomerangs back, but it can do multiple hits if aimed correctly. It's Dust Man's weakness, but Dust Man is immune to the Ring Boomerang when he has his vacuum on. It is also the weakness of Mothraya, Tako Trash, and the first form of Wily Machine 4. The Ring Boomerang can also pierce some shielded enemies, like Shield Attacker and Skull Man's Skull Barrier. In Mega Man IV, the Ring Boomerang can take items and pull them to Mega Man. Ring Boomerang can also destroy Garyobies.

The Ring Boomerang is also used by the "Bridge" in Mega Man IV and the Weapons Archive in Mega Man 10.

Ring Boomerang is the only weapon besides the Dust Crusher and Mega Buster to be able to damage the Cossack Catcher.

Damage data chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 4.

Ringboomerangicon.png Ring Boomerang
Boss Damage
Bright Man 1
Toad Man 1
Drill Man 1
Pharaoh Man 1
Ring Man 1
Dust Man 4
Dive Man 1
Skull Man 1
Mothraya 4
Square Machine 0
Cockroach Twins 2
Cossack Catcher 1
Metal Daddy 2
Tako Trash 4
Wily Machine No. 4 : 1st Phase 3
Wily Machine No. 4: 2nd Phase 1
Wily Capsule 1


One Ring Boomerang uses 1 weapon energy unit in Mega Man 4, and 2 Ring Boomerangs use 1 unit in Mega Man IV. With a full weapon energy gauge, Mega Man can use Ring Boomerang 28 times in Mega Man 4 and 38 times in Mega Man IV.

Bosses weak against Ring Boomerang

Other media

Mega Man uses the Ring Boomerang in the Mega Man animated series.

Ring Man's version is slightly different from that of the game. Instead of throwing them rapidly, Ring Man can summon infinite rings from his head using his left arm but throws them at a much slower rate.