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"Shoots fire energy vertically. Effective against all airborne enemies. Some objects may be burned by this as well."
―In-game text, Mega Man X4

Rising Fire (ライジングファイア Raijingu Faia) is a fire-elemental Special Weapon that Mega Man X obtains from Magma Dragoon in Mega Man X4. This weapon is based off Magma Dragoon's ability to perform uppercut/upward attack with flames. When equipped with this weapon, X raises his arm in the air and shoots a fireball upwards. Because the fireball that is shot out only goes straight up, this weapon has very limited horizontal range. When charged, X preforms a Shoryuken-esque flaming uppercut that makes him go up in the air for a bit, and after the uppercut has been executed, a large fireball is then shot upwards, similar to the weapon's normal fire. Whether this weapon is used in its normal or charged state, Rising Fire can also be used to burn the wooden pieces and certain foliage in Web Spider's stage.

This weapon is the primary weakness for Frost Walrus and Sigma's first form. In Sigma's case, however, Rising Fire is the only weapon that can damage him, as his cloak will otherwise deflect any other weapons - including X's X-Buster and the Nova Strike.

Other appearances

Rising Fire appears in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. X shoots a fireball directly upwards. To perform it, tap Down, Down + Kick.

It is also used by X in Project X Zone.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X4.

Rising Fire Rising Fire
Boss Damage
Normal Charged
Eregion -- --
Web Spider 1 2
Split Mushroom 1 1
Cyber Peacock 1 2
Storm Owl 1 2
Magma Dragoon 0 0
Frost Walrus 4 5
Jet Stingray 0 0
Slash Beast 1 0
Tentoroid 1 3
Generaid Core 4 8
Eyezard 4 6
DG-42L 1 4
Colonel 0 0
Double 0 0
General 0 0
Reaper Sigma: 1st Phase 6 4
Reaper Sigma: 2nd Phase 0 0
Earth Sigma 0 0
Gunner Sigma 0 0



  • Interestingly, X's armor color scheme when equipped with Rising Fire is similar to Proto Man's from the original Mega Man series.

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