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The RobCtrlComp is a Cyberworld location belonging to Cyber Academy's Security Bot control system. It serves as the first major stage in Mega Man Battle Network 6, and is hijacked and literally set ablaze by BlastMan.EXE.


The RobCtrlComp is a highly technological-looking network featuring several robotics advancements on its path and background.

The path is fairly simply and adorned with several, huge black blocks. These blocks have a gameplay purpose as they block the fireballs launched by BlastMan at certain points (often warned by small embers flying). The player has to take cover from the blasts by hiding behind the blocks, the direction varies depending on where the small sparks fly from.

In order to progress the player must water several Mr. Progs burning through a WatrProg given early on. Once the Mr. Progs are aided, the flames blocking he path will subside allowing the player to progress.


When Mick's attempt at ridiculing Lan during a virus busting demonstration failed, Mick has a fight with his Navi who leaves the PET. Soon after BlastMan enters his PET proposing to teach Lan and MegaMan.EXE a lesson. When class begins, the school's Security Bots go haywire in an attempt to scary the new duo. Things, however quickly go out of hand when BlastMan goes rogue and has the security Bots breath fire everywhere, endangering students and teachers lives.

Although Mick tries to stop BlastMan he fails as the Navi is disobedient. Lan and MegaMan venture into the system controlling to robots to stop BlastMan. During his path, MegaMan is surrounded by enormous flames as the network's temperature is abnormally high.

When Lan requests Mick to have his Navi help them the Navi in question is observing closeby, however the Navi and Operator trade insults. Things change when the system is inflamed and begins to set Mick's pants on fire, causing his Navi to set up the extinguisher's system on, cooling down the teacher's room.

With MegaMan's path now free, he faces BlastMan and is able to drive him to a corner. BlastMan however uses what power has left to block MegaMan's path and run away, prepared to face "his scolding".

The incident is then resolved and blamed into the intruder, BlastMan. However the teachers are at large infuriated at Mick's reckless behaviour.

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