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Roll with Roboenza.

Roboenza (ロボットエンザ Robottoenza) is a virus in Mega Man 10 that only affects robots. The illness had spread around the world, causing robots to malfunction. One month after the outbreak, some of the infected robots became violent and bent on ruling the world, including the eight Robot Masters in Mega Man 10. Roll was infected with the virus in the beginning of the game. One day, Dr. Wily appeared in Dr. Light's laboratory claiming that he spent days studying the virus and built a machine that would help develop a cure, but one of the infected robots attacked him and stole the medicine-making machine.


Roboenza medicine.

After the defeat of the eight bosses, Dr. Wily takes the medicine-making machine and reveals he created the Roboenza virus, saying that if there are any robots wanting the cure, they must work for him to obtain it. Mega Man is also infected by the virus (possibly because of the infected robots he fought) and falls ill in Dr. Light's laboratory, but Roll gives her medicine to him. Mega Man then goes off to Wily Castle to stop Wily. When playing as Proto Man or Bass, they fall ill in the end of the first Wily Castle stage, but they receive a medicine from Mega Man (as Proto Man)/Treble (as Bass) and are able to proceed. After Wily's defeat, Mega Man discovers he is ill and takes him to the hospital. After recovering, Wily escapes and leaves a large amount of Roboenza medicine in the room he was, possibly as thanks for being helped.

In other media


Bass and Treble with Roboenza in Rockman 10 -Extra F-.

In the manga Rockman 10 -Extra F-, which is based on Bass' story from the game, Roll became ill with Roboenza. Mega Man and Proto Man go after the eight bosses to obtain chips with data for the medicine-making machine, and as Bass had defeated them before their arrival, they only had to take the chips. Later in the story, both Bass and Treble felt ill and Treble gave Bass a medicine, but when seeing Treble's state, Bass decided to shove the medicine down Treble's throat to cure him, and he faced Wily ill, causing Bass to go berserk (since all robots infected with Roboenza go berserk after one month of being ill)[1]. In the end of the story it's said Bass was cured after defeating Wily.

Roboenza was alluded to in Mega Man #20 when Mega Man and Bass were stuck in a time loop nearing the climax of the issue. In addition, Dr. Light alludes to Roboenza in Sonic the Hedgehog #250 when reminding Dr. Wily of all the instances where Mega Man had to save Wily from himself.


  • The Roboenza is a portmanteau of "robot" and "Influenza".
  • There are many theories that the Roboenza virus may have some relation with the Evil Energy and the Maverick Virus, but there is no official confirmation of a connection with them.