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===KGN series===
===KGN series===
The '''KGN''' ('''K'''in'''G''' '''N'''umber) series are Robot Masters working for [[King]] in ''[[Mega Man & Bass]]''. King built/recruited six of his own Robot Masters to lead his rebellion, while two Robot Masters from previous battles (Tengu Man and Astro Man) joined the fray. King was built by Wily, but he has his own series of Robot Masters because these robots were built or modified by him.
The '''KGN''' ('''K'''in'''G''' '''N'''umber) series are Robot Masters working for [[King]] in ''[[Mega Man & Bass]]''. King built/recruited six of his own Robot Masters to lead his rebellion, while two Robot Masters from Mega Man 8 (Tengu Man and Astro Man) joined in King's rebellion. King was created by Wily, but he has his own series of Robot Masters because these robots were either built or modified by him.
*KGN. 001 [[Dynamo Man]]
*KGN. 001 [[Dynamo Man]]

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Mega Man and the Robot Masters from the first two games.

Robot Master is a name used to refer to humanoid-appearing boss robots from the original Mega Man series that possess a very advanced level of artificial intelligence. Most, if not all, Robot Masters possess a Special Weapon. These powers can be gained mainly by Mega Man, Proto Man, or Bass after the robot is defeated.

Each Robot Master has a "consciousness", although the level of every "cognitive circuit" embedded inside each one of them varies, producing as many different "personality" types as found in people. Like humans, they can speak, and have emotional responses like shyness or anger. When Mega Man fights against a Robot Master, he takes great care to not damage their integrated circuit chip's "cognitive circuit". As long as the cognitive circuit isn't completely destroyed, they can be rebuilt any number of times.[1]

Name origin


A selection of Robot Masters of Mega Man 2 through Mega Man 10, as well as the Robot Masters from Mega Man & Bass and the Genesis Unit in Worlds Collide, led by Rouge Woman.

The name "Robot Master" was first used in the North American instruction manual of Mega Man 3 in 1990, where it was used to identify the eight master robot bosses from the stage select screen, and continued being used until 1994, appearing in the manuals of Mega Man 6, Mega Man V and Mega Man's Soccer. In the first game's manual they were called "Humanoids" (a name later used for cyborgs in the Mega Man ZX series). In Japan they are known only as "boss characters", "Wily's robots", "Light Numbers", "Wily Numbers" and similar names.[2]

Being present in instruction manuals, the term "Robot Master" was used by many gaming magazines and websites, and also appeared in other media. The term became popular among fans and it was expanded to be used for most humanoid robots from the original series besides those from the stage select screen. The term is mainly used for playable or boss robots that either have "Man"/"Woman" in their name, bosses with a Special Weapon that can be obtained by the player, and robots that possess a unique known identification code, consisting of a two-letter "series code" followed by one of "N", "No.", or "#", then a three-digit "serial number".

Only a few playable characters and bosses without any of those specifications are also considered Robot Masters: Duo, Sunstar, King and Fan. Other humanoid robots like Auto, Chest, Plum and Ripot and stage enemies such as Sniper Joe and Picket Man usually aren't considered Robot Masters.


Robot Masters generally have themes that fit their name, appearance, environment, minions, weapon and weakness. For example, Wood Man has a tree theme, giving him a wood-like appearance and a leaf-based power. His level is forest-themed, as are his robot underlings, and, like a tree, he is weak to fire and cutting attacks. Final bosses like King, playable characters like Bass, or support characters like Roll generally do not have such themes.

In Hitoshi Ariga's Mega Man Megamix and Mega Man Gigamix novels, a recurring design element found on most of Dr. Wily's Robot Masters is a belt buckle adorned with a W. Opposite this, Dr. Light's Robot Masters feature an R (due to the translation of Dr. Light's name from Dr. Right) on their chests. Dr. Cossack's robots and the Robot Masters of Mega Man 6, who were built by individual nations, lack any particular distinctive symbol of their own.

List of Robot Masters

Robot Masters from the classic series each have a serial number, listed in the format of DLN-000, DLN000, or DLN. 000. Certain series only have two digits (the MWN series, specifically), whereas the rest have three digit serial codes. Those robots created by Dr. Cossack, Dr. Light, or Dr. Wily (or Light and Wily collectively) have different serials, but share the same numbering sequence. Robots created by other people, created for special purposes, or created with special technology have unique serials and are part of different numbering sequences.

In Archie Comics' Mega Man comic book series, Robot Masters are numbered after the time of their conception, not of their creation.[3] For example, DWN-018 Magnet Man was finished before DWN-017 Needle Man in the comic. Additionally, several Robot Masters featured in other games, like Plant Man, Centaur Man, and Pump Man, are shown to have been constructed some time before the events based on Mega Man 3.

The name of the Robot Masters have alternate spelling depending of the source, some having space between the first part of their name and "Man", and others not. For instance, Mega Man is the only Robot Master in the English version of Mega Man & Bass to have his name together, while other Robot Masters have a space in their names. In Mega Man: Powered Up, the inverse is true. There is also a few instances where their names are written as "NameMan". For convenience, the name of all Robot Masters are written with space in this wiki, since this is the most used transcription outside Japan. Japanese names such as Rockman are written without space.

Below is a list of the various Robot Master series from the classic MM series:

DLN series


The DLN (Doctor Light Number) Robot Masters were created by Dr. Light. This series is known as the DRN series in Japan, after Dr. Light's Japanese name, Dr. Right.

000-008 (Mega Man and Mega Man Powered Up)

The Robot Masters in Mega Man and Mega Man Powered Up were created by Dr. Light (with the help of Dr. Wily in some sources, although they are listed as part of the DLN. series, rather than the DRWN. series). Six (eight in Mega Man Powered Up) of them were reprogrammed by Wily to serve his evil purposes, but after Wily's defeat, Dr. Light manages to fix them and they serve their initial functions.

Time Man and Oil Man were not given a serial number in Mega Man Powered Up. In the second story arc of Archie Comics' Mega Man comic book series, they are referred to as DLN-00A (Time Man) and DLN-00B (Oil Man), which is an experimental line-up.

DWN series


The DWN (Doctor Wily Number) Robot Masters are those created or modified by Dr. Wily. Their numbering picks up from where the DLN series leaves off.

009-016 (Mega Man 2)

017-024 (Mega Man 3)


Except for Shadow Man, the Robot Masters from Mega Man 3 were created by Dr. Wily and Dr. Light together[4], but they are listed as part of the DWN series. The Mega Man: Official Complete Works shows artwork of an RW logo (right image), suggesting they planned to make apparent the doctors' cooperative effort in the game. Moreover, this logo can be seen in Magnet Man's stage.

In early versions of the manga Mega Man Megamix, these robots are known as DRWN series (Doctor Right and Wily Numbers). In the Archie comic, Ra Moon serves as the initial creator of these Robot Masters, who are based on the designs of Dr. Wily and Dr. Light instead of being built by them, the exception being Shadow Man who was found in the ruins and reactivated. However, it was stated that Wily redesigned Shadow Man before having Ra Moon restore him, so his upgraded form may also have been conceived by both doctors.[5]

025-032 (Mega Man 4)


The Robot Masters from Mega Man 4 were created by Dr. Cossack, but are listed as part of the DWN series because Wily remodeled them, making them his own robots.[6] They are listed under a DCN (Doctor Cossack Numbers) serial number in the Mega Man Megamix manga, as they are still Cossack's robots.

033-040 (Mega Man 5)

These Robot Masters were created by Dr. Wily and used on his fifth attempt to take over the world.

041-048 (Mega Man 6)


These robots' creators are unknown as they came from various countries from around the world to participate in the First Annual Robot Tournament. However, they were taken control of by Dr. Wily (disguised as Mr. X) and, like Dr. Cossack's robots, are considered to be part of the DWN series.

The Rockman 6 manga suggests that they were created by Dr. Wily, as he uses them as seed players to decide which robots would enter in the tournament, destroying all participants. In the manga Mega Man Megamix they are known as the MXN (Mister X Number) series.

049-056 (Mega Man 7)

Half of these robots were created by Dr. Wily, while the rest were stolen and repurposed robots.

057-064 (Mega Man 8)

Just like Mega Man 7, half of these robots were created by Dr. Wily while the rest were stolen and repurposed robots.

065-072 (Mega Man 9)

The Robot Masters from Mega Man 9 follow the numbering pattern after Mega Man 8, although they were created by Dr. Light and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. In the Archie Comics at least some of them were built before the Robot Masters of Mega Man 3, but retain the same numbering system presumably due to those Robot Masters (and others) being designed first.

073-080 (Mega Man 10)

Like Mega Man 6, the creators of these robots are unknown, but they are considered part of the DWN series. The Bonus Track in the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack suggests that Wily had planned in advance to infect certain robots in society with Roboenza.

081-088 (Mega Man 11)


These Robot Masters have a variety of manufacturers, including Tundra Man's Cossack Robot Laboratories, but their numbers continue the DWN pattern from Mega Man 10. Dr. Wily kidnaps all eight Robot Masters at the start of the game and as well as reprogramming them, he equips each of them with his Double Gear System device.


  • NWN. 001: Ra Thor (So far the only New Doctor Wily Number)
  • DWN∞: Zero[7] (an advanced robot in his own class comparable to X, but classified in common terms as a Reploid)

KGN series


The KGN (KinG Number) series are Robot Masters working for King in Mega Man & Bass. King built/recruited six of his own Robot Masters to lead his rebellion, while two Robot Masters from Mega Man 8 (Tengu Man and Astro Man) joined in King's rebellion. King was created by Wily, but he has his own series of Robot Masters because these robots were either built or modified by him.

WWN series

The WWN (Wily Wars Numbers)[8] series, known in Japan as the MWN (Mega World Numbers) series, are the three Robot Masters from the Genesis Unit, known as Mega World Corps (メガワールドぐんだん Mega Wārudo Gundan) in Japan, that appeared on the Wily Tower in Mega Man: The Wily Wars (known as Rockman Mega World in Japan). The three are based on the characters of the Chinese novel Journey to the West. In some sources, like the Japanese Mega Man & Bass CD Database, their serials only have 2 numbers instead of three. Mega Man doesn't obtain a Special Weapon after defeating them.

MKN series

The MKN (Mega Man Killer Number) series, known in Japan as the RKN (Rockman Killer Numbers, Mega Man's Japanese name) series, are the robots created by Dr. Wily specially to kill Mega Man. In some sources related to Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, Enker is designated as a "Mega Man Hunter" instead of Mega Man Killer. Quint is not part of the MKN series, but serves an analogous role in Mega Man II.

SRN series


The SRN (Space Ruler Number) series are robots from an ancient alien civilization that came from space known as Stardroids (Space Rulers in Japan). Dr. Wily found them in some unnamed ruins and reprogrammed them to use them to try to conquer the world[9]. They only appeared in Mega Man V. They have the name of the Solar System planets, although Pluto is no longer an official planet, instead being classified as a Dwarf Planet. Like the Stardroids, Sunstar is another robot excavated from some mysterious ruins. In the Archie comic the Stardroids and Sunstar are created by Ra Moon.

SWN series

SWN (Special Wily Numbers) are robots designed by Dr. Wily for very special, focused purposes. Bass is the only SWN number registered as of now.

  • SWN. 001 Bass (Forte)


The Dimensions are robots that work for Rockman Shadow and traveled from the future with the purpose of destroying the world in Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha. These Robot Masters do not have a known serial number.

Mega Man (DOS) series

These Robot Masters are led by the peacekeeping supercomputer CRORQ who had fallen under Dr. Wily's control. These robots appeared in the DOS games Mega Man and Mega Man 3. Four of the Robot Master names from Mega Man 3 were later reused for other unrelated Robot Masters in future games; those Masters are indicated with a dagger (†). Two of the other Mega Man 3 Masters had names that were later reused for Mega Man Battle Network NetNavis, and are marked with this symbol (‡). Additionally, the name Sonic Man was used for Sonic's roboticized form in Worlds Unite.

Mega Man

Mega Man III


Unknown series and number created by Dr. Light:

  • Mega Man X (Rockman X), an advanced robot, the origin of Reploids, of which he is known as by common terms. This Robot Master was sealed until discovered by Dr. Cain.

Unknown series and numbers created or modified by Dr. Wily:
Note: Not all of the Robot Masters created by Dr. Wily are from the DWN series (like the MKN and SWN series).

  • ???-??? Quint (The Robot Master Field Guide lists him as DLN. 001, the same serial number as Mega Man's. The Mega Man Megamix manga lists him as SVN. 001, or "Special Variation Number.")
  • Rockman Shadow (A prototype robot designed using mid-21st century technology; discarded by Dr. Wily in exchange for Quint)
  • King
  • The four Dark Men
  • Doc Robot
  • Mega Man? - An imposter of Mega Man featured in Mega Man Powered Up.
  • The various Copy Robots
  • Fake Man
  • Guts Man G

Unfinished Robot Masters:

Unknown creator, series and number:

Boss character contest

  • Arcade Man
  • Tablet Man
  • Daruman
  • Sudachi Woman
  • Hanabi Man
  • Udon Man


Rockman Strategy

Rockman Strategy was officially licensed by Capcom to Taiwanese company AcerTWP and Dream Come True and was released for the PC on October 29, 2001. However, they did not specify any model numbers for the new Robot Masters that they introduced in their game:

Robot Masters in other media

Mega Man Maniax

The DAN (Doctor Auto Number) series, known as DRTN (Doctor RightoT Number) in Japan, are the robots made by Auto in Hitoshi Ariga's short series, Dr. Auto's Laboratory, which was part of the Mega Man Maniax shorts. They were designed by fans who submitted their designs to Ariga, who then remade them for his shorts and gave credit to the original artists.

  • DAN. 001 Surprise Man
  • DAN. 002 Shake Man
  • DAN. 003 Giga Auto
  • DAN. 004 Massage Man
  • DAN. 005 TV Man
  • DAN. 006 Watermelon Man
  • DAN. 007 Submarine Man
  • DAN. 008 Sexy Man

Captain N: The Game Master

Mega Man (Dreamwave Productions)

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

The Archie Comics Mega Man series also introduced new Robot Master characters, the first being Quake Woman, who is designated a "Lalinde Model Number" due to being created by Dr. Noele Lalinde. A second Lalinde Number was later introduced, based on an unused concept design for Hornet Man.

Additional groups of robots have also been introduced in the comics with no known number designations:

Roboticized Masters

During the Worlds Collide crossover with the Sonic the Hedgehog comic universe, Dr. Wily teamed up with Sonic's arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman, to capture Sonic's friends, and turn them into special robots that were modified with Robot Master technology. The Roboticized Masters are also given designations based on the typical formula, including EWN (presumably "Eggman Wily Number") and a three digit number. However, most of the EWN series did not have their numbers specified during the story, except for Shadow Man, Silver Man, and Blaze Woman. Rose Woman and Knuckles Man are mentioned to be EWN-001 and 002, and the Chaotix are EWN-006 to 008.

Short Circuits

The humorous Short Circuits strips have also featured "new" Robot Masters, but only for humorous purposes.

Mega Man: Fully Charged

Pachislot Rockman Ability

Support Units

Support units are robots that assist humans and Robot Masters.

Dr. Light:

Dr. Cossack:

Dr. Wily:


All Boss Robot Masters  

All enemy Robot Masters in one video

Mega Man All Boss Robot Masters

Mega Man All Boss Robot Masters

All enemy robot masters IN ONE VIDEO

All enemy robot masters IN ONE VIDEO

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