Rockman EXE: The Medal Operation (ロックマンエグゼ ザ メダル オペレーション) is an medal arcade game from the Medalusion series released in 2005 only in Japan. This is the second medal game to the Mega Man Battle Network series, and is themed on Mega Man Battle Network 5. The player moves on a board that contains different panels, some with six types of mini games, battle games, and a bonus game, some of them including a fishing mini game and a "Super Battle Game" against Nebula Grey. There are three slots below the screen that are used for several parts of the game to make decisions by making medals fall around, and the slot a medal falls in will be the choice, which varies from which path the player will take and which hand he will use in a rock-paper-scissors mini game. Players can win prizes like medals (arcade tokens) or packs of milk chocolate by completing the games.


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