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EXE 15th Arrange Best Track

Soundtrack cover

Rockman.EXE 15-Shūnen Arrange Best Track (ロックマンエグゼ 15周年アレンジベストトラック) is a 15th anniversary arrange album for the Mega Man Battle Network series of games, released in June 15, 2016 in Japan by Suleputer.

Original series composers Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki and Toshihiko Horiyama provide new arrangements in a collaborative effort between Attic Inc., Unique Note Co., Ltd. and Capcom. Additional arrangements made by ROCK-MEN members Masahiro Aoki and Yasumasa Kitagawa round out the album, though some (the last two tracks) are previously-released material.

Track listing

#Original titleTranslationOrigin
01RUNNING THROUGH THE CYBER WORLDRunning Through the Cyber WorldMega Man Battle Network
02ホームタウンHometownMega Man Battle Network
03FIRE FIELDFire FieldMega Man Battle Network
04ウイルスバスティングVirus BustingMega Man Battle Network 2
05YOU CAN'T GO BACKYou Can't Go BackMega Man Battle Network 2
06FINAL TRANSMISSIONFinal TransmissionMega Man Battle Network 3
07farewellfarewellMega Man Battle Network 3
08Theme of ROCKMAN EXE4Theme of Rockman EXE 4Mega Man Battle Network 4
09ロックマンエグゼ4.5戦闘曲メドレーRockman EXE 4.5 Battle Music MedleyRockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation
10A Total WarA Total WarMega Man Battle Network 5
11Surge of Power!Surge of Power!Mega Man Battle Network 6
12VS.ネビュラグレイVS. Nebula GrayMega Man Battle Network 5
(from Capcom Special Selection: Rockman Xover)
13THEME OF ROCKMAN EXETheme of Rockman EXEMega Man Battle Network
(from We are ROCK-MEN! 2)


  1. Composer & Arranger: Akari Kaida
  2. Composer & Arranger: Akari Kaida
  3. Composer & Arranger: Akari Kaida
  4. Composer: Yoshino Aoki / Arranger: Yasumasa Kitagawa
  5. Composer: Yoshino Aoki / Arranger: Masahiro Aoki
  6. Composer: Yoshino Aoki / Arranger: Masahiro Aoki
  7. Composer & Arranger: Yoshino Aoki
  8. Composer & Arranger: Toshihiko Horiyama
  9. Composer & Arranger: Akari Kaida
  10. Composer & Arranger: Akari Kaida
  11. Composer & Arranger: Yoshino Aoki

Bonus Tracks

  • 12: Composer: Akari Kaida / Arranger: Masahiro Aoki
  • 13: Composer: Akari Kaida / Arranger: Yasumasa Kitagawa<

Akari Kaida Thanks:

  • Electric Guitar: Hiroaki Ichimura
  • Live MC: Soul Battler Takeshi
  • Dialogue Planning, Supervision: Masahiro Yasuma

Yoshino Aoki Thanks:

  • Violin: Yuma Ito
  • Electric Guitar: Tetsuya Shibata
  • Music Arranged: Akari Kaida (ATTIC INC.), Yoshino Aoki (Unique Note Co., Ltd.), Toshihiko Horiyama (CAPCOM), Yasumasa Kitagawa (CAPCOM), Masahiro Aoki (ViViX)
  • Music Coordinator: ATTIC INC., Unique Note Co., Ltd.
  • Original Composed: Akari Kaida / Yoshino Aoki / Toshihiko Horiyama
  • Mastering Engineer: Keiko Ueda (MTC MASTERING)
  • Mastering Studio: MTC MASTERING

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