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Rockman.EXE Beast+ is the fifth and final season of the Rockman.EXE anime series, following Rockman.EXE Beast. While not containing a particularly focused story arc, it contains story elements of Mega Man Battle Network 6, Mega Man Network Transmission, and Rockman.EXE Phantom of Network. It aired between April 6 to September 30, 2006 for 26 episodes and was immediately followed the week after by the successor series of the EXE series, Ryuusei no Rockman.

Unlike the seasons before it, Beast+ episodes are roughly 10 minutes long and have no formal intro sequence or theme song, instead, there is a brief credits sequence to the Cross Fusion theme before the show’s logo. Each episode simply ends with a fade-out.


Beast+ follows Netto Hikari and Rockman.EXE after the events of Beast. Having mastered the power of Beast Out, the two fight against the likes of the Professor and his mysterious accomplice Zero.EXE, Chirol and Captain Kurohige, two criminals aspiring to learn how to cross fuse with BubbleMan.EXE, and finally Cache.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast



No.Title translationOriginal airdate[1]
1The Name is ZeroApril 8, 2006
2Zero VirusApril 15, 2006
3Zero InvasionApril 22, 2006
4Sushi Factory TrapApril 29, 2006
5Zero's True CharacterMay 6, 2006
6Super Cyber Beast Again!May 13, 2006
7The Demon Deko de a~ruMay 20, 2006
8Big Things are Good Things Puku!May 27, 2006
9Wishing Upon an Empty CanJune 3, 2006
10Cross Fusion de a~ruJune 10, 2006
11The Electel Family SituationJune 17, 2006
12Electric-Shock Exploration Party!June 24, 2006
13The Hole-Digging Rascals Have Come!July 1, 2006
14Rampaging MettoolJuly 8, 2006
15Mini Mini TyphoonJuly 15, 2006
16The Keeper of LawJuly 22, 2006
17Virus with a HeartJuly 29, 2006
18Zero's SpiritAugust 5, 2006
19I Want Limited Goods PukuAugust 12, 2006
20Iceman the StrongestAugust 19, 2006
21Magician from the DarknessAugust 26, 2006
22Substantiating PhantomsSeptember 2, 2006
23JammingManSeptember 9, 2006
24CacheSeptember 16, 2006
25Searching for TomorrowSeptember 23, 2006
26Netto + RockmanSeptember 30, 2006

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