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Rockman.EXE Beast+ is the sixth and final season of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. This series has 26 episodes, and occurs after Rockman.EXE Beast. While not containing a particularly focused story arc, it contains story elements of Mega Man Battle Network 6, Mega Man Network Transmission, and Rockman.EXE Phantom of Network.


No.Title translationOriginal airdate
1The Name is Zero
2Zero Virus
3Zero Invasion
4Sushi Factory Trap
5Zero's True Character
6Super Cyber Beast Again!
7The Demon Deko de a~ru
8Big Things are Good Things Puku!
9Wishing Upon an Empty Can
10Cross Fusion de a~ru
11The Electel Estate Situation
12Electric-Shock Exploration Party!
13The Hole-Digging Rascals Have Come!
14Rampaging Metall
15Mini Mini Typhoon
16The Keeper of Law
17Virus with a Heart
18Zero's Spirit
19I Want Limited Goods Puku
20Iceman the Strongest
21Magician from the Darkness
22Substantiating Phantoms
25Searching for Tomorrow
26Netto + Rockman

DVD releases

Normal DVDRental-only DVDDetails
EXEBeastPlusDVD01 EXEBeastPlusDVDRental01 Rockman.EXE Beast+ DVD 01
Release date2006
Cover charactersCross Fusion MegaMan, Zero, and the Professor.
EXEBeastPlusDVD02 EXEBeastPlusDVDRental02 Rockman.EXE Beast+ DVD 02
Release date2006
Cover charactersLan, MegaMan, and Wily.
EXEBeastPlusDVD03 EXEBeastPlusDVDRental03 Rockman.EXE Beast+ DVD 03
Release date2007
Cover charactersIto, JudgeMan, Vic, and ElementMan.
EXEBeastPlusDVD04 EXEBeastPlusDVDRental04 Rockman.EXE Beast+ DVD 04
Release date2007
Cover charactersLan, MegaMan, and Cache.

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