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Rockman.EXE Legend of Network (ロックマン エグゼ レジェンド オブ ネットワーク Rokkuman Eguze Rejendo obu Nettowāku), shortened as EXELoN,[1][2] is the final game in the Rockman EXE video game series, having been released after the last mainline title Rockman EXE6, but taking place before it in the continuity. It was released in Japan only for mobile phones in 2006.

Netto Hikari and Rockman are the playable characters, and Rockman can obtain new abilities with the Trans Arm. There are five new characters: Sherrice, RideMan (Sherrice's NetNavi), Reverse, Nobody, and the Trojan Horse.

Support for the game was stopped on December 31, 2017, along with Rockman.EXE Phantom of Network, and January 1, 2018, the game was removed for Japanese cellphones making it more difficult to play.

In Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection's art gallery, the game's name is localized as Mega Man Battle Network Legend of Network.


Chapter 1[]

In 1XXX B.C., there existed an extremely advanced ancient civilization with highly developed electronics and networking technology. However, the civilization engaged in a cyber war with a neighboring country. After ten years of conflict, the advent of a single program put an abrupt stop to the conflict, and both civilizations became lost to history.

In the present day of A.D. 20XX, as the threat of cyber crimes increased, the Ministry of Science founded NetPatrol, a secret internet security organization made up of both civilian and Official NetBattlers. Netto and Enzan were selected as the NetPatrol members of Akihara Town and the Government Complex, respectively.

After returning home, Netto and Rockman began their first day of patrolling Akihara Town's network. They help deliver the Stamp Data for a stamp rally (which was the preliminary for a NetBattle tournament at Densan Dome), help a Navi delete viruses from some vital data, and finally, help recover exhibit data for an upcoming ancient civilization exhibit at At Town museum.

The exhibit data was for a rare gem discovered in a ruin in Sink Island. It was named "Lon Stone", after a signature on the box of the gem: "L.o.N". After returning the exhibit data to the Navi who lost it, the Navi gifted Rockman a ticket to the exhibit as thanks.

Netto then received an email from Meiru, saying that Roll wanted to see Rockman. Roll revealed that she accidentally lost Meiru's recipe data and asked Rockman to help her find a replacement. Rockman brought her a copy of recipe data from Haruka Hikari's kitchen computer.

Having finished their patrol, the two returned to the Ministry of Science. Upon arriving at the Government Complex, they received an email from someone named "L.o.N", saying that the plan was already in motion and wishing them good luck. Attached to the email was a Battle Chip.

At the Ministry of Science, Netto saw that Enzan had already returned from his patrol. Suddenly, Ministry of Science's computer was attacked. Netto and Enzan plugged in to find the invader. Inside the computer, Yuichiro Hikari informed Netto that the invader somehow broke into the deepest level without destroying the security systems, forcing Rockman to deactivate the securities to proceed.

At the deepest level of the Ministry of Science computer, Rockman found Blues had already located the invader. To his shock, the invader was ThunderMan, the Navi of Ameroppan NetBattler Raoul. Blues confirmed that ThunderMan was genuine and not a cache data Navi from the previous incident. Rockman questioned why ThunderMan was doing this, to which he replied that he was acting on his own accord. Rockman fought and defeated him.

Upon his defeat, ThunderMan expressed confusion, having no memory of how he got there, causing Blues to speculate that someone took control of him. Suddenly, a mysterious, horse-like Navi appeared and revealed himself to be the one who controlled ThunderMan. The Navi introduced himself as Reverse, but refused to state his goal other than that he was searching for something for a plan.

Enzan ordered Blues to capture Reverse, but Blues was suddenly paralyzed. Reverse then took Blues away, saying that the plan needed more exceptional Navis. Rockman then plugged out.

Netto was eager to help Enzan find Blues. Yuichiro stated that their only clue was how ThunderMan was controlled, and that he had already contacted Ameroppa, but asked Netto to continue his NetPatrol duty for now.

Elsewhere, a mysterious man spoke with Reverse, saying that things did not go as planned. Reverse agreed that the Navis of the Ministry of Science were better than he expected, but he still got a useful Navi. The man remarked that while firewalls were nothing to them, powerful Navis were still a threat, and that they needed to alter the plan: rather than obtaining the "vessel" first, they would prioritize the activation code for now. Reverse agreed, then stated that he must return now before "that person" becomes angry. He bid farewell to the man, but realized he does not have a name. The man replied that he had thrown away his name long ago, so Reverse bid farewell to "the man who is nobody" and left.

Chapter 2[]

The next day, Netto received an email from the Ministry of Science to stop a rampaging Navi in Akihara Area 3. The Navi turned out to have lost all his money gambling, and unleashed viruses he prepared for a virus battle gamble at Rockman, who promptly deleted them. He then received an email from his father, telling him that with Enzan out of commission, his new partner was arriving from Ameroppa today, and asking him to come to the Ministry of Science.

In the town, Netto greeted Shuko Kido, who told him that she wanted to go on a family trip, but she did not have the money. Netto told her about the upcoming NetBattle tournament he heard about yesterday, whose grand prize was a trip abroad. She was glad and thanked Netto before leaving to train with AquaMan.

At the Ministry of Science, Yuichiro told Netto that his new partner was exceptional, both as a scientist and as a NetSheriff (a position similar to Official NetBattler), having solved numerous cyber crime incidents and developed several new technologies, and had joined them to test a new system for Navi enhancement. Just then, a researcher informed Yuichiro that a large number of Navis were rioting in Government Area 3 for unknown reasons. Netto plugged in to investigate.

In Government Area 3, Rockman located the Navi who incited the riot and deleted his viruses. However, he quickly summoned more rioters. Just as Netto prepared to plug out, a new Navi resembling a cowboy suddenly arrived and deleted all of the rioters. The Navi introduced himself as RideMan, the Navi of Netto's new partner. Back at the Ministry of Science main room, Yuichiro introduced Netto to his new partner, Sherrice. Netto was shocked to see that Sherrice was a girl about his age. Yuichiro explained that they have been chasing after Reverse, which had been responsible for several incidents in Ameroppa, for a long time. Yuichiro assigned Sherrice to the Government Complex, but told her there was no NetPatrol mission for the day, and asked her to tour the town with Netto as her guide.

As they toured the Government Complex, Sherrice revealed that she already knew Netto, since he was famous for his role in the destruction of WWW, Gospel, and Nebula, and she also participated in Operation Mobile as a distraction during the Cache incident. At the metro station, when Netto mentioned that primary school students could ride for free, she revealed that though she never studied at a primary school, she should be the same age as Netto. When Netto suggested they could ride the metro to have fun somewhere, she quickly shot him down, saying that she had a mission, before quickly correcting herself and saying they had a mission.

At Netto's house, Netto introduced Sherrice to his mother. He introduced her as his partner, but Rockman quickly reminded him that he needed to keep NetPatrol a secret, so he said that she was his NetBattle partner and they were training for the NetBattle tournament. Outside, Sherrice mentioned that Netto has a good mother. Netto asked about her mother, and she was silent for a while before replying that she was a kind person, but she died a long time ago. Netto then took Sherrice to Meiru's house and introduced her to Meiru, who was apparently somewhat jealous that such a cute girl was hanging together with Netto. Their final stop was HiguReya, where Higure introduced the chip shop and its various services to her.

On their way back to the Ministry of Science, Sherrice thanked Netto for the tour and said that his town was wonderful. Netto thought it was just normal, but Sherrice said that normal was good, and that was what hometown meant. Netto then asked Sherrice to show him her hometown in Ameroppa, to which she hesitantly agreed.

At the Government Complex, Sherrice became interested at a shrine on a nearby mountain. Netto explained that it was the Densan Shrine, which was popular with NetBattlers and was rumored to have a good luck charm enhancement data in its computer. The two visit there. After climbing the shrine's staircase, Netto was exhausted but Sherrice was unphased. As Sherrice decided to take a stroll, Netto met Shuko, who was her to pray for victory in the NetBattle tournament. However, Sherrice, who had just finished her stroll, stated that prayers cannot change anything.

The two return to the Ministry of Science, where Yuichiro asked Sherrice about her experience in the town. Sherrice replied that it was a nice town that combined science and nature, to which Yuichiro was delighted. He then asked Sherrice to test out the Navi enhancement system that she developed, which allowed Navis to borrow the power of other Navis, similar to Soul Unison, yet did not require the resonance of souls to use and thus allowed more general usage.

Sherrice installed the enhancement system - Trans Arm System - onto Rockman, believing that he was the perfect test candidate due to having mastered Soul Unison. She explained that as the name suggested, it allowed Rockman to morph his arms into the arms of other Navis, granting him different Charged Shots and other special abilities. She then input ThunderMan's data, saved from yesterday's incident, into Rockman and explained that the system automatically collects data from Navis that Rockman battle. Yuichiro then explained that a Skill Editor had also been installed, but the Element changing property was cut due to PET storage limits.

Suddenly, Netto received a phone call from Shuko, saying that AquaMan went berserk after someone took control of him. Netto and Sherrice immediately headed to Densan Shrine again. At the Shrine, Shuko explained that while looking for the good luck charm data in the donation box computer, she suddenly lost control of AquaMan. Realizing that this may be the work of Reverse, Sherrice decided to search for him with RideMan while Netto and Rockman go after AquaMan.

In the depth of the shrine computer, Rockman found AquaMan, who said that since he could not find the data, he would undergo special training to prepare for the tournament by fighting Rockman. Suprised at how violent AquaMan was, Rockman noted that he did not seem normal. Rockman then fought and defeated AquaMan, who came to his senses. Shuko apologized to AquaMan, saying she should not have depended on praying. Suddenly, apparently because of the shock of the battle, the lucky charm program fell from above and landed in front of AquaMan. Netto encouraged Shuko, saying that as long as she worked hard, her dreams would come true. Sherrice then reported that Reverse was nowhere to be found, and that he must have escaped.

After Shuko thanked Netto and left, Sherrice remarked that there was no pattern to Reverse's appearances, so they had no choice but to broaden the patrol area. Netto decided to return to the Ministry, but Sherrice asked him to go ahead while she took care of something else. She then pondered to the shrine if her wishes could come true if she prayed to god, even though she had long since lost the notion of wishing. She then rejoined Netto. Before returning to the Ministry, however, Sherrice shocked Netto by non-chalantly stating that she intended to live at his house, much to Netto's embarassment.

Elsewhere, the mysterious man conversed with an unseen figure, who provided him with the first part of the code. Nobody stated that only the first one was not enough for their purpose, and that they would have to increase the search area to search for the next code. The unseen figure acknowledged and addressed the man as "Nobody".

Chapter 3[]

It was the second day of the NetBattle tournament, and with no Reverse appearances and no incidents on patrol, Netto was bored. Rockman reminded him that there was a meeting at the Ministry of Science, and he prepared to go.


Rough translation of the game's chapters:

  1. "Mission NetPatrol!"
  2. "Pray to God"
  3. "Dangerous Part-Time Job!"
  4. "From Sharo With Love"
  5. "Their Respective New Starts"
  6. "Legend of Network"
  7. "Revival of the Super Ancient Civilization"
  8. "Connecting Hearts"



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  • Due to releasing after the Rockman EXE anime has ended, Legend of Network is the only title besides Rockman.EXE Battle Chip GP not to be adapted for the show.
  • The Stamp Data's destination being the Doghouse at Netto's House was a reference to Phantom of Network, where the doghouse was also the first destination of the stamp rally. This was referenced by the Program-kuns in the Doghouse as well.
  • There are 2 versions of this game: One with no background image in the Net and battles, and one that have scrolling backgrounds like the Game Boy Advance games.

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