Front Cover

Rockman.EXE no Himitsu - Official Settei Illustration Guide (ロックマンエグゼのひみつ オフィシャル設定イラストガイド Rokkuman Eguze no Himitsu Ofisharu Settei Irasuto Gaido, "Secret of Rockman.EXE - Official Creation Illustration Guide") is an book providing a great deal of concept and finalized art for both the NetNavis and NetOp of the Mega Man Battle Network series. The art includes most characters of the six games from main characters to NPCs, as well as rare concepts of characters from Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, Mega Man Network Transmission and the cell phone game Rockman.EXE Phantom of Network. The book comes with a Soul Battler's Customize card.


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