Rockman (ロックマン Rokkuman) is a manga series by Shigeto Ikehara based on the original Mega Man (Rockman) video game series. They were serialized in Kodansha's Comic BomBom between 1992-1996 in Japan and released in tankōbon volumes. All 1992-1996 tankōbons from the series were also published in Taiwan by Ching Win.



Rockman (ロックマン) is a manga based on the first Mega Man game. It was serialized in Comic BomBom between June-October 1992 and published as a tankōbon on November 6, 1992. The manga was released on December 22, 2014 alongside Rockman: Dr. Wily no Inbou in a single book titled Shinsō-ban Rockman: Rockman 1 & 2 Hen (新装版 ロックマン ロックマン1&2編 "New Version Rockman: Rockman 1 & 2 Edition").[1]

  1. Heiwa no Senshi - Rockman Sanjou!! (平和の戦士 ロックマン参上!!, roughly "The Warrior of Peace - Calling on Rockman!!") - It is the year 200X. The robots from a construction area suddenly start acting strange and attack all the human workers and their machines. The workers try to stop the robots, but they are no match for robots like Big Eye and Guts Man. Meanwhile, in Dr. Light's Laboratory, the assistant robot Rock finishes helping Dr. Light, and tries to help Roll in the kitchen while she washes clothes, and Rock ends up doing a huge mess in the kitchen. Suddenly, Dr. Light receives calls informing him that the robots he created are causing chaos. Rock wants to stop the robots, and Dr. Light reluctantly changes him into the combat robot Mega Man (Rockman). Mega Man leaves the laboratory and finds Guts Man, who orders several robots to attack Mega Man. After defeating the robots, Mega Man tries to talk with Guts Man, but seeing he will not listen to him, he fights against the robot and defeats him. After the battle, Mega Man analyzes Guts Man's body and notices that his integrated circuit chip has a mark. Dr. Light, surprised, says that he recognizes the mark. It is the mark of Dr. Wily, an evil scientist that is planning to conquer the world.
  2. Wily Gundan no Renzoku Kougeki wo Kirinukero!! (ワイリー軍団の連続攻撃をきりぬけろ!!, "Survive the Continuous Attacks of the Wily Army!!") - Dr. Light explains to Mega Man who Dr. Wily is. After the explanation, Mega Man goes after Cut Man, fighting against some robots before finding him. During the battle, Mega Man surprises Cut Man by showing that he can use Guts Man's Super Arm, which he uses to defeat Cut Man and take his Rolling Cutter. Afterwards Mega Man climbs an area to fight against Elec Man, and swims to an island to defeat Ice Man and free his hostages. Dr. Light appears in the island to give Mega Man the Magnet Beam, and Mega Man proceeds to fight against Fire Man, and finally Bomb Man. After defeating the six robots, Dr. Wily appears in a flying saucer.
  3. Dr. Wily no Chou Hatsumei - Kyoufu no 2 Dai Robo Shutsugen!! (Dr.ワイリーの超発明 恐怖の2大ロボ出現!!, "Dr. Wily's Super Inventions - 2 Great Robos of Dread Appear!!") - Mega Man tries to follow Wily and finds a strange Twin Pyramid, using the Super Arm to get inside and investigate. Mega Man is attacked by several robots and avoids some traps until a giant robot called Yellow Devil appears. Yellow Devil proves to be a tough opponent, being immune to all attacks Mega Man use. However, Mega Man discovers that his eye is a weak point and manages to destroy him with Thunder Beam. When Mega Man goes in path between the two pyramids, Wily sends several Bunby Helis to attack, but Mega Man uses Fire Storm to pass by them without slowing. Suddenly, Cut Man and Elec Man appear in the other pyramid and attack, an they are defeated a second time. Mega Man finds an opening in the floor and jumps down, ending in a strange room where Dr. Wily creates a copy of him. Every time Mega Man attacks the Copy Robot, he uses the same attack, and both are hit by their attacks, but Mega Man figures out a way to defeat his copy.
  4. Saishuu Heiki - Wily Machine wo Uchiyabure!! (最終兵器 ワイリーマシーンをうちやぶれ!!, "Final Weapon - Destroy the Wily Machine!!") - Mega Man proceeds and ends up in an underwater room, where he is attacked by aquatic robots called CWU-01P. After defeating the robots, Mega Man continues and finds an elevator, and in each floor he has a rematch against Bomb Man, Fire Man, Ice Man, and Guts Man. In the last floor, Dr. Wily is waiting inside his powerful Wily Machine. Mega Man easily avoids the Wily Machine's attacks and destroys it with the Thunder Beam, and checks if Dr. Wily is alright. Mega Man has a conversation with Wily and leaves him alone in his pyramid, dropping his helmet while returning to the city.

Rockman: Dr. Wily no Inbou

Rockman: Dr. Wily no Inbou (ロックマン Dr.ワイリーの陰謀 lit. "Rockman: Dr. Wily's Plot". Chinese: 洛克人 威利博士的陰謀) is a manga based on Mega Man 2 (Rockman 2: Dr. Wily's Enigma) that was serialized in Deluxe BomBom from June 1993 to January 1994 and published as a tankōbon on January 8, 1994. It was also published on December 22, 2014 alongside the Rockman manga.[1]

  1. Metal Blade wo Dasshu seyo (メタルブレードを奪取せよ, roughly "Taking the Metal Blade") - In the year 200X, Dr. Light created the super robot Mega Man to stop Dr. Wily's ambitions, bringing peace to the world. However, Dr. Wily created eight of his own combat robots to conquer the world and defeat Mega Man. In Dr. Light's Laboratory, Rock is watering the flowers outside when Dr. Light nervously calls him. On the TV, Rock and Dr. Light see several robots attacking the city. One of the robots (Quick Man) says they are Wily's army, and they challenge Mega Man. Rock changes into Mega Man and goes after the robots. The first robot Mega Man faces is Metal Man and his minions. After passing by the minions, Mega Man has a tough battle against Metal Man, using an Energy Tank to recover, but in the end he is victorious. In a forest, Mega Man is attacked by several Battons and Robbits, and he uses Metal Man's Metal Blade to attack in all directions, destroying the robots. Mega Man jumps into a subterranean path and faces more enemies until he finds Wood Man. No attack can pass by Wood Man's Leaf Shield, but Mega Man manages to defeat him by using Metal Blade while Wood Man is jumping.
  2. Seigi no Rock Buster (正義のロックバスター, "Rock Buster of Justice") - After defeating Wood Man, Mega Man arrives at a large waterfall and is attacked by a Kerog, which releases several miniatures of himself. Mega Man is surrounded, but manages to get rid of the enemies by using the Leaf Shield. After passing by the waterfall, Mega Man dives and fights many robots underwater until he finds Bubble Man, defeating him with Metal Blade. When leaving the area, Air Man appears and uses his wind to throw Mega Man in a platform high in the air. Mega Man jumps by the platforms while fighting against Air Man's minions until he finds Air Man inside a room, and he is hit by the powerful Air Shooter.
  3. Item 2 Gou Shouchaku (アイテム2号装着, "Equipping Item #2") - Air Man is a tough opponent, but Mega Man manages to defeat him with the Leaf Shield. Afterwards Mega Man uses a Kaminari Goro's cloud to leave the area and returns to Dr. Light's Laboratory, where he receives the Item-2. Dr. Light receives a call informing that something is wrong in the sewers, the water being extreme hot and killing fishes in a river. Mega Man goes down to investigate, using Item-2 to pass by some blocks and fights against several of Wily's robots, including a Sniper Armor that gives him some trouble. Deep in the sewers he finds Heat Man, who is heating the water. Heat Man has strong fire attacks, and the chapter ends with Mega Man surrounded by flames and Heat Man dashing at high speed in his direction.
  4. Ayashii Kichi ha Kanarazu Kowasu (あやしい基地はかならずこわす, "Demolish the Suspicious Base by All Means") - Mega Man jumps over Heat Man to avoid his attack and uses Bubble Lead, damaging Heat Man. Heat Man tries to counter-attack, but Mega Man continues using Bubble Lead and defeats him. Mega Man leaves the sewers and Dr. Light appears to give him the Item-1 and inform that while he was in the sewers, a strange base was built in the city. Mega Man climbs the base, fighting against its defenses until he finds Crash Man in the top. Crash Man is fast and has powerful explosives, but he is defeat by the Air Shooter.
  5. Jikan ga tomaru!! Meiro Dasshutsu! (時間はとまる!! 迷路脱出!, "Time is Stopped!! Escape the Maze!") - Mega Man fights against several robots from Wily's army in the city, and some of them suddenly disappear. Finding an opening in the floor, Mega Man goes inside and finds a large labyrinth. He decides to open a path with a Crash Bomb, and is attacked by Wily's robots. After passing the robots, Mega Man finds Flash Man. Mega Man is unable to react due to Flash Man's Time Stopper, but he deduces where Flash Man might appear and attacks the spot. Successful, he uses several Metal Blade to destroy Flash Man. After the battle he finds an opening in a wall that takes him to a different area filled with beams and robots. Mega Man is almost hit by a beam, but he uses Time Stopper just in time to avoid it. Mega Man finds the last of the eight robots, Quick Man, an extremely fast robot. Mega Man tries his buster, the Leaf Shield, Metal Blade, Air Shooter, and Atomic Fire, but Quick Man is able to avoid all attacks with his high speed, and is always able to hit Mega Man with Quick Boomerang.
  6. Kabe wokoete Susume! Susume! (かべをこえてすすめ!すすめ!) - It appears Quick Man is going to win, but Mega Man uses the Time Stopper before being hit again and changes his position. When Quick Man is able to move again, he uses Quick Boomerang in the spot Mega Man was before and is hit from behind. Quick Man is confused, with what happened, but it doesn't last long as he is destroyed by Mega Man's next attack. Mega Man leaves the area and Dr. Light appears to give him the Item-3. Suddenly, they see Dr. Wily's UFO and Mega Man chases him, finding his Wily's base hidden in a forest. Mega Man goes inside and fights against Wily's forces, finding an 1-UP in the way. In a dark area with linear platforms, he is attacked by Mecha Dragon. The Mecha Dragon chases him while releasing fire balls, but he is defeated with Quick Boomerangs.
  7. Shouri ha Boku no Mono!! (勝利はボクのもの!!, "Victory is Mine!!") - Mega Man proceeds in the fortress, using Item-2 to fly over spikes, destroying Moles to recharge the energy of his weapons, avoiding hazards, and facing several enemies, including the bosses Picopico-kun and Guts Tank. After entering a boss room, Mega Man is suddenly attacked in several directions.
  8. Hangeki no Chance haikurademoaru!! (反撃のチャンスはいくらでもある!!, "There are Plenty of Chances to Counterattack!!") - Mega Man faces the Boobeam Trap, using an E Tank to recover energy and Crash Bomber to defeat it. Afterwards he fights against backups of Wily's eight robots and Dr. Wily himself, piloting the Wily Machine 2. With the Wily Machine 2 destroyed, Wily jumps from his UFO and transforms into a powerful Alien that is immune to all attacks Mega Man uses. Fortunately, the Bubble Lead is able to harm him, and Wily is destroyed. The room changes, and Mega Man realizes it was only a hologram controlled by Wily. Defeated, Wily asks for forgiveness, and Mega Man lets him go. Afterwards, Wily's fortress is destroyed and Mega Man returns home.

Rockman 4

Rockman 4 (ロックマン4 Rokkuman Fō) is a manga based on Mega Man 4 that was serialized in Comic BomBom between January-May 1992 and was published as a tankōbon on June 6, 1992.

  1. Dr. Cossack no Yabou wo Kudake! (Dr.コサックの野望をくだけ!, roughly "Break the Ambition of Dr. Cossack!") - The story begins with Mega Man defeating Dr. Wily and his robots in Mega Man 3. Later, Mega Man is in Dr. Light's Laboratory, and after being analyzed by Dr. Light, he and Roll go shopping and Rock helps her carry several packages. While they are talking, a boy runs in the street and Rock saves him from being hit by a car. The boy's mother thanks him, and Roll is angry that Rock let the packages fall. Suddenly, several aircrafts appear flying over the city, and Dr. Light calls Rock and Roll back to the lab. An army of robots is attacking the city, and the aircrafts are trying to stop them. Light suspects Wily is behind it, but the transmission is interrupted and it is revealed the responsible for the attack is Dr. Cossack. Mega Man goes to a power plant that is heavily guarded, and tries to enter unnoticed by the sewers, but there are many robots dwelling underground. After passing by the robots, he fights against Toad Man and obtains the Rain Flush. When Mega Man returns to the surface, Rush appears to help him and they enter the power plant.
  2. Saikyou Bougyo Jin wo Gekiha seyo! (最強防御陣を撃破せよ!) - Inside the power plant, Mega Man faces several robots and defeats Bright Man (misnamed Flash Man in the manga), obtaining the Flash Stopper. Later he goes to a desert and defeats Pharaoh Man. A Haehaey flies to Dr. Cossack's Citadel to inform him of Pharaoh Man's demise, and he contacts Dive Man. Mega Man dives underwater, where he is attacked by whale-like robot.
  3. Totsunyuu! Cossack Kichi (突入!コサック基地, "Rushing! Cossack Base") - Mega Man defeats Moby, obtains the Wire, and breaks Dive Man with a charge shot. Afterwards he defeats Dust Man and Skull Man, and a mysterious robot with shades and scarf is following the events.
  4. Dr. Cossack wo Oitsumero (Dr.コサックをおいつめろ!, "Hunting Down Dr. Cossack!") - Mega Man defeats Drill Man and Ring Man, and Rush appears to info that Dr. Cossack's base was located. Mega Man enters the base with Rush Jet and destroys its defenses, Mothraya and Square Machine. Dr. Cossack shows up with the Cossack Catcher, and the two have a tough combat. During the heat of the battle, Proto Man appears with Dr. Cossack's daughter, Kalinka, who asks them to stop fighting. Kalinka explains that she was kidnapped and her father was forced to attack the city. Dr. Wily shows up yelling, angry with Proto Man's betrayal.
  5. Full Power Kessen!! Shin no Teki wo Taose! (フルパワー決戦!!真の敵をたおせ!) - Dr. Wily flies away with his UFO and Mega Man pursuits him with Rush Jet, finding Wily's hideout. Inside he fights against Metall Daddy, Tako Trash, and has a rematch against the eight robots. Wily enters his Wily Machine 4 and waits for Mega Man to appear. Finding his delay strange, Wily checks a screen and sees Mega Man defeating several Imorms to recharge his energy. With his energy full, Mega Man fights against Dr. Wily and destroys his machine, but Wily escapes again.

Rockman 5

Rockman 5 vol. 1 cover.

Main article: Rockman 5 (manga)

Rockman 5 (ロックマン5) is a manga based on Mega Man 5 that was released in 2 volumes in 1993.

Rockman 6

Main article: Rockman 6 (manga)

Rockman 6 (ロックマン6) is based on Mega Man 6 and was released in 3 volumes between 1994-1995.

Rockman 7

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Rockman 7 (ロックマン7) is based on Mega Man 7 and was released in 3 volumes between 1995-1996 and in 2 volumes in 2011.

Rockman World

Rockman World (ロックマンワールド Rokkuman Wārudo) is based on the Game Boy game of same name, known as Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge outside Japan. This is Shigeto Ikehara's first manga from the Rockman series, which has the story called Bousou Robot wo Step seyo (暴走ロボットをステップせよ roughly "Stepping the Runaway Robot"). The tankōbon volume published on July 6, 1992 contains both Rockman World and Rockman World 2, and maps of the two games they are based on.

In the year 200X, several robots go out of control and start attacking a city. Dr. Light sees the attack in the TV news and notices Dr. Wily's mark in a Bunby Heli, and explains to one of his creations, Rock, who Dr. Wily is. Rock, having a strong sense of justice, decides to stop the robots. As he can't do anything as he is, Dr. Light converts him into a combat robot, Mega Man. Wily is watching the attack to the city from his flying saucer and is pleased with how things are going, but is surprised when Mega Man appears and takes down several robots.

Wily orders Cut Man, Ice Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man to attack Mega Man, and as he is outnumbered, he goes inside a building and the robots separate to find him. Mega Man than defeats them one by one, starting by Cut Man. After defeating him, Cut Man says that Mega Man can power up by taking his I.C. Chip, which will allow him to use his weapon, Rolling Cutter. Mega Man installs the I.C. Chip inside his body and searches the other three robots, finding Elec Man. Mega Man defeats Elec Man, Fire Man, and Ice Man. After taking down all of them, Mega Man goes after Wily, who retreats to his base. Mega Man invades the fortress and fights several robots, and in one area he is simultaneously attacked by Flash Man, Quick Man, Bubble Man, and Heat Man. Mega Man has a tough battle, but as he manages to take down Flash Man, he obtains the Time Stopper and uses it on the other three robots, defeating them while they can't move. Surprised with Mega Man's power, Wily decides to activate the base's self-destruction and escapes. Mega Man survives the explosion and sees Wily flying away.

Rockman World 2

Rockman World 2 (ロックマンワールド2) is based on the Game Boy game of same name, known as Mega Man II outside Japan. It was published alongside Rockman World in a single tankōbon volume. This manga has the story called Jikuu Battle Mirai kara no Teki toha Dareda!? (時空バトル 未来からの敵とは だれだ!? "Space-Time Battle - The Enemy from the Future is Who!?").

A time machine is stolen from a laboratory, and Dr. Light, Mega Man, and Rush investigate. With his nose, Rush discovers that the responsible is Dr. Wily. Suddenly, Crash Man appears in the laboratory with some robots and attacks Mega Man, but they are defeated. Shortly after Crash Man's defeat, Metal Man, Air Man, and Wood Man appear to fight against Mega Man. Meanwhile, Wily is in his hideout trying to use the time machine he stole, but an error makes him unable to use it. Angry, he slams the machine and it sets the travel period to the year 2205, and he decides to travel to the future. Back in the laboratory, Mega Man manages to defeat Metal Man and takes his Metal Blade, which he uses to defeat Wood Man, and takes his Leaf Shield to defeat Air Man. Leaving the lab, Mega Man uses Rush Jet to find Dr. Wily's base, Rush following Wily's scent.

In his hideout, Dr. Wily makes Mega Man fall in a trap floor and fight against Needle Man, Magnet Man, Hard Man, Top Man, and many other robots, all in a single room. The battle is fierce, but Mega Man manages to defeat them one by one. After all robots are down, Wily reveals another robot, Quint, and the two fight. Wily reveals that Quint is his future self, which he captured and transformed into the robot present in the room. Wily leaves the base, and Mega Man fights against himself and has no choice but to destroy Quint. Later, Wily is relaxing in his a space base, and is surprised by Mega Man, who appears and says that if he is not in the future to protect it, he will make sure Wily will also not be in the future to cause harm, and starting shooting at him. The base is destroyed by Mega Man, and Wily escapes with his flying saucer. However, something seems to be wrong with the controls of his saucer, and Wily falls on Earth at high speed, apparently dying burned when re-entering the atmosphere. Mega Man and Rush then return to Earth.

Rockman World 3

Rockman World 3 (ロックマンワールド3) is a manga with five chapters that is based on the Game Boy game Mega Man III. It was serialized in Deluxe BomBom between January-May 1993 and published as a tankōbon on July 5, 1993.

  1. Dr. Wily no Shin Keikaku: (Dr.ワイリーの新計画, roughly "Dr. Wily's New Plan") In the year 200X+α, Rock, Roll, Dr. Light, Rush, and Eddie go out to camp. Unknown to them, Snake Man is nearby watching, and he sends his minions to attack Rock when he is alone. Rock changes into Mega Man and fights against the robots, such as a Hammer Joe, Snakeys, and Bubukan MK-II. After defeating all robots, Snake Man uses Search Snake on Mega Man. Mega Man fights against Snake Man and manages to defeat him. Rush finds Mega Man in the forest, and the two fall into a hole that leads to a cave filled with Bomber Pepes, Poles, and other robots. After passing by the robots, Mega Man is confronted by Gemini Man.
  2. Shadow Blade Soukougeki: (シャドーブレード総攻撃, "Shadow Blade General Offensive") Mega Man has trouble to fight against Gemini Man, but he is able to defeat him by using the Search Snake he obtained from Snake Man. Mega Man proceeds and passes by more robots and hazards until Shadow Man appears. Mega Man defeats him and continues moving forward, finding Spark Man and defeating him with the Shadow Blade. At the end of the long path, Mega Man sees Wily's base in the distance. He returns to Dr. Light to recover and uses Rush Jet to reach the fortress.
  3. Shinnyuusha ha Rockman: (侵入者はロックマン, "The Intruder Rockman") Mega Man invades the base and is attacked by a Giant Suzy. He has a difficult battle, but eventually defeats the robot and proceeds. Skull Man, Dive Man, Dust Man, and Drill Man go after Mega Man with their minions. After defeating Skull Man, Mega Man receives an important message from Dr. Light, who informs that the city is under attack. Mega Man proceeds and is hit by some traps in Drill Man's stage, and falls on an area with spikes that makes him lose energy.
  4. Susume!! Susume!!: (進め!!進め!!) Luckily, Mega Man manages to get out of the spiked floor before he dies and finds an Energy Tank. He fights against Drill Man and defeats him, proceeding to Dust Man's area. Mega Man decides to use the Energy Tank in the path and continues, defeating Dust Man and going to an underwater area where he faces Dive Man. As Mega Man is fighting the last robot from the base, Dr. Wily is nervous and decides to call Punk.
  5. Futatabi Camp wo: (ふたたびキャンプを, "To Camp Again") Mega Man defeats Dive Man and the base is destroyed, but Wily was not inside. Mega Man contacts Dr. Light and discovers that Wily is in another base in the ocean. Mega Man uses Rush Jet and enters the base, where he finds Wily waiting for him without machines and robots. Surprised, Mega Man makes a question to Wily, but Wily calls him an idiot and reveals a trap floor, making Mega Man fall into a room where he fights against Punk. Punk is an tough opponent, and Mega Man tries all the Special Weapons he obtained on him, but Punk appears to be immune to all weapons. After a fierce battle, Mega Man manages to defeat Punk with a charge shot. Angry, Wily sends all his robots after Mega Man and he goes inside a combat machine. Mega Man battles Wily and defeats him, but he tricks Mega Man and manages to escape, exploding his fortress in an attempt to take Mega Man down with it. Mega Man manages to escape, and later he, Dr. Light and the others return to the camp.

Rockman: Yomigaeru Blues

Rockman: Yomigaeru Blues (ロックマン 甦るブルース lit. "Rockman: Blues' Resurrection". Chinese: 洛克人 甦醒的布魯斯) is an original manga by Shigeto Ikehara that was serialized in Deluxe BomBom between February-June 1994 and published as a tankōbon on July 6, 1994. The story happens sometime between Rockman 4 and Rockman 6.

  1. Tenshi Dr. Wily: (天使Dr.ワイリー, "Angel Dr. Wily") Dr. Wily had reformed and the world is now at peace. A large robot expo is happening in the city, and Dr. Light decides to visit the expo with Rock, Roll, Rush, and Eddie. In the expo, they see several mass produced Eddie throwing gifts for kids and some Mets playing with children. Rock was surprised at the sight of the Mets while Dr. Light comments that they were originally designed as helper robots before being used by Wily. After they see a demonstration from a robot named "Terry 1" (テリー一号 Terī Ichigou), the most powerful robot in the world, all robots present start acting strange and leave the expo. Rock follows them with Rush Jet and sees the robots going inside an armed submarine. He tries to stop it, but is attacked and the submarine leaves with all the robots. Later in Dr. Light's Laboratory, Dr. Light and Mega Man discuss what happened with a police officer and they receive a call informing that a bank is being attacked by "Terry 1" and other two robots from the expo. Mega Man goes to the bank to stop them, and is surprised when Shadow Man, Gemini Man, and Needle Man appear and help him defeat the robots. After the battle, Dr. Wily appears with his manager Mengo and says he established the policing group "Wily Patrol", formed by his robots to handle robot incidents. Hidden nearby, Proto Man listens to the conversation and is not convinced that Wily reformed. Dr. Light watches the news about the Wily Patrol, and he seems to be also not convinced of Wily's sudden change. Suddenly, two disguised characters appear and move fast on Dr. Light's directions. Roll hears a noise and go see what happened, and Dr. Light is alone in the room, apparently having just fallen from his chair. Dr. Light says he is fine and it would be good to Mega Man helps the Wily Patrol. Later, Mega Man is flying over the city with Rush Jet and sees Fire Man, Magnet Man, and Top Man fighting against some robots and helps them. When only one robot from the expo is left, Proto Man appears and attacks Magnet Man to save the robot.
  2. Heiwa no tameni Blues to Tatakae!!: (平和のためにブルースと戦え!!, "Fighting Blues for the Sake of Peace!!") Proto Man fights against the Wily Patrol, and Mega Man, confused, doesn't know what to do. After the expo robot manages to escape, Proto Man leaves the area. Mega Man tells Dr. Light what happened, and Light decides to help the Wily Patrol, helping Wily expand his headquarters and troops. While on Rush Jet, Mega Man finds the submarine that stole the expo robots and tries to go inside from the water, and is attacked by a Moby and Gyotots. Once inside, he faces several robots from the expo and has a long battle with Enker.
  3. Machigai Right: (まちがいライト, "Mistake Right") Before being defeated, Enker reveals that the leader of the robots is Proto Man. Mega Man can't believe on what Enker had said, and investigates the submarine, avoiding the expo robots by hiding in the ducts. The robots inform Punk that they lost sight of Mega Man, but he is sure that he will show up to save Rush, who was captured. Meanwhile, a small vehicle is following the submarine. In the Wily Patrol's headquarters, Dr. Wily is worried with Mega Man's delay. Dr. Cossack and Kalinka see a newspaper showing that Wily and Light are working together and Proto Man is suspected to be involved with the expo robots. They visit Dr. Light's Laboratory, but the place is empty. Going inside, Cossack and Kalinka find Beat, Eddie, and Roll dismantled, and they take them away to be fixed. Back in the submarine, Punk and the expo robots arrive at their hideout, and Mega Man appears to fight them and save Rush. Rush's right paw is broken by Punk, and Mega Man appears to be in a disadvantage against Punk.
  4. Blues vs. Blues - Teki ha Docchida!?: (ブルースVSブルース 敵はどっちだ!?, "Blues vs. Blues - Which one is the Enemy!?") The tough battle against Punk continues, but Mega Man manages to defeat him with his Super Mega Buster. With Punk defeated, the robots inside the submarine surrender, and Mega Man goes inside the hideout. The small vehicle that followed the submarine appears near the hideout. Inside, Mega Man fights against an army of robots, and Proto Man appears to talk with Mega Man. Suddenly, another Proto Man appears and they fight each other, revealing that the Proto Man leading the robots is an impostor created by Dr. Wily. The fake Proto Man reveals that he is called Wily Blues ("Wily Proto Man"), and uses two busters to attack Mega Man and Proto Man, and manages to take down Proto Man by attacking him with his two busters at the same time. Angry, Mega Man attacks Wily Proto Man, but he calls his army and surrounds Mega Man. Fortunately, Pharaoh Man, Ring Man, Dust Man, and Dive Man appear to help, fighting against the robot army while Mega Man faces their leader. Wily Blues uses his Twin Buster on Mega Man, but he reflects it with the Mirror Buster and uses Screw Crusher, causing significant damage. Wily Blues than attacks with his "Blues Spear", but Mega Man avoids the attack and destroys him with a charge shot. Mega Man checks if Proto Man is alive and several explosions occur around the base, and the robot army suddenly stop attacking and return to their normal selves. Proto Man says he prepared it to destroy the computer controlling the robots, and passes out. Mega Man grieves Proto Man's death, but Dr. Cossack, Kalinka, and Roll appear.
  5. Wakare no Blues: (別れのブルース, "Blues' Farewell") Dr. Cossack tells Mega Man he must go after Dr. Wily, and meanwhile he will repair Proto Man. Dr. Cossack's robots and the robot army go with Mega Man to the Wily Patrol's headquarters. When Wily discovers Mega Man is going to attack his base, he sends the Wily Patrol to prepare for the battle, waiting in the coast with several tanks and aircrafts. When the submarine is spotted, Elec Man orders the Wily Patrol to begin the attack, and an war between the robots start. The robots tell Mega Man to go after Wily while they take care of the Wily Patrol, and he reluctantly does so hoping that Cossack's army will be fine. Mega Man goes inside Wily's base and faces several robots, including the Mecha Dragon and Yellow Devil MK-II. After passing by the robots, Mega Man finds Dr. Light, who doesn't understand why Mega Man is attacking Dr. Wily. Dr. Wily appears inside a machine and attacks Mega Man, and Dr. Light holds Mega Man, revealing he is a robot. The repaired Proto Man appears with the real Dr. Light and destroys the fake doctor, revealing that Wily had captured the real doctor and replaced him by a robot. Proto Man and Mega Man join forces against Wily. Wily's machine is very strong, but Mega Man and Proto Man manage to destroy it by combining two charged shots in one of Wily's projectiles. Wily uses an emergency escape pod to leave the machine and escapes. Mega Man than reunites with Light, and Roll appears with some robots to inform that the Wily Patrol was defeated. When Mega Man turns around to thank Proto Man, he sees that he had left. Still, everyone is happy, and the robots help to repair the damage.


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