Cover of the 2011 release of Rockman 8.

Rockman 8 (ロックマン8 Rokkuman 8) is a Japanese manga drawn by Kōji Izuki based on the game Mega Man 8 that was serialized in Kodansha's Comic BomBom magazine from the February 1997 issue to the March 1998 issue. It was later released in two tankōbon volumes, each volume containing five chapters, but although the story had been completed in Comic BomBom, volume 3 was never released due to the number of chapters. The manga was reprinted by Wedge Holdings under the BN Comics imprint in a single 512-page volume in May 27, 2011, and in two volumes by in 2015, both editions collecting the missing chapters. The final part of the manga's story connects to Mega Man & Bass.

Release Information

Rockman Eight volume 1
Rockman 8 Vol. 1
Publisher Kodansha Release date December 3, 1997
Country Japan ISBN 978-4-06-321826-8
Contents Chapters 1-5
Volume 2
Rockman 8 Vol. 2
Publisher Kodansha Release date May 6, 1998
Country Japan ISBN 978-4-06-321838-1
Contents Chapters 6-10
Chinese 1
Rockman 8 Vol. 1 (洛克人8 (1))
Publisher Ching Win Release date ?
Country Taiwan ISBN 978-9-57-539961-0
Contents Same contents from Japanese version.
Chinese 2
Rockman 8 Vol. 2 (洛克人8 (2))
Publisher Ching Win Release date ?
Country Taiwan ISBN 978-9-57-595039-2
Contents Same contents from Japanese version.
Rockman 8
Publisher Wedge Holdings Release date May 28, 2011
Country Japan ISBN 978-4-904293-51-5
Contents Chapters 1-14

"Rockman & Me" afterwords

Guest comment by Yoshihiro Iwamoto

Shinsō-ban Rockman Eight Jō
New Edition Rockman 8 - Part One (新装版 ロックマン8 上)
Publisher Release date November 25, 2015
Country Japan ISBN 978-4835452784
Contents Chapters 1-7

4 pages of color illustrations

Guest comment from manga artist Kenichi Muraeda

Shinshouban Rokkuman 8 Shita
New Edition Rockman 8 - Part Two (新装版 ロックマン8 下)
Publisher Release date December 12, 2015
Country Japan ISBN 978-4835452876
Contents Chapters 8-14

4 pages of color illustrations

"Rockman & Me" afterwords (from Wedge Holdings edition)

Guest comment by Yoshihiro Iwamoto (from Wedge Holdings edition)

Newly written "Rockman & Me" afterword


Note: The chapters have different names in the 1997-1998 and 2011 releases. As the original is missing chapters, the 2011 names are used first.

Shidō Rock Ball

Mega Man makes a goal.

Shidō Rock Ball (始動ロックボール "Starting Rock Ball"), originally Rock Ball Shot ~Wily Fukkatsu~ (ロックボールショット ~ワイリー復活~ roughly "Mega Ball Shot ~Wily's Comeback~") is the first chapter from the manga, starting with two beings in space falling on the direction of Earth. Meanwhile, Rock is playing soccer with his friends, and for the surprise of Auto, the goalkeeper, Rock manages to make a goal by making the ball go down and later up.

The game is interrupted by Bass and Treble, and Rock changes into Mega Man and jumps on Rush, starting an aerial battle between the two in the city. During the battle, Bass sees something falling from the sky and is distracted by it, and he falls from Treble when Mega Man attacks him. Roll appears with a flying transport to pick Mega Man and the two go in the direction of the unknown space object with strange energy readings while Dr. Light explains the situation on a screen.

Mega Man arrives on a skull-shaped island, and before he leaves, Roll gives him the Weapon Chip of the Mega Ball. Mega Man explores the island, and after passing by a dinosaur-like creature, he is attacked by several of Dr. Wily's robots. Seeing he is in disadvantage, Mega Man shots rapidly with his buster to destroy them, leaving only a big hermit crab-like robot (Yadokargo) that has a resistant armor. After some attempts to hit robot, it mocks Mega Man, and he remembers Auto's movements in the soccer game. Mega Man uses the Mega Ball to pass by the robot's defense and destroys it. After defeating the robot, Mega Man sees Dr. Wily leaving with an unknown energy.

Senkō Flash Bomb

Grenade Man attacking a chocolate factory.

Senkō Flash Bomb (閃光フラッシュボム "Flashing Flash Bomb"), originally Battle Valentine ~Grenademan Bōhatsu~ (バトルバレンタイン ~グレネードマン暴発~ Roughly "Battle Valentine ~Grenade Man Outburst~") is the second chapter from the manga. Dr. Wily manages to escape with the unknown energy, and nearby Mega Man finds two robots, one of them intact and the other damaged. Dr. Light arrives and takes the intact robot to Dr. Light's Laboratory to be analyzed and repaired.

Mega Man asks Auto where is Roll, and he says she went to the city to buy chocolate. As Roll and Beat are leaving the shop Fancy Chocolate with a chocolate box, an explosion occurs in the shopping area. Roll and Beat assist the persons in the area and sees that the responsible was one of Dr. Wily's robots, Grenade Man, which is exploding shopping areas in the Valentine's Day to destroy the chocolates. After talking with Roll, Grenade Man calls himself an idiot and leaves the area to destroy chocolate factories. Roll follows him to the nearest factory. Later, Mega Man arrives in the shopping area and Rush uses his nose to follow Roll.

Roll looking at her repaired Valentine gift for Rockman

Roll finds Grenade Man inside the factory and the two argue. Grenade Man asks Roll to hand over the chocolate box she bought for Mega Man, but she refuses and he takes it by force, crushing it with his feet. Roll is both sad with what happened to the chocolate and angry with Grenade Man, who decides to throw a bomb on her. Mega Man arrives on time to save her from the explosion and fights against Grenade Man. While they fight, Roll tries to repair her chocolate by warming it inside her body with her main power source. The Mega Ball is useless against Grenade Man's Flash Bomb, which also blinds Mega Man and makes him miss his shots with the buster. An explosion throws Mega Man inside a tank of chocolate, and he uses the opportunity to trick Grenade Man by throwing a Mega Ball covered with chocolate. Grenade Man uses the Flash Bomb again, but for his surprise it passes through the explosion. As the chocolate falls, he notices Mega Man used his helmet to protect the Mega Ball, which explodes and defeats him. Mega Man leaves the tank complaining of the chocolate, and both Rush and Beat give him a grim look. Roll opens the chocolate box to see if she managed to fix it, and is happy with result as it gained a heart shape and has the world love ("3.Y0J" backwards) written on it.

Hayate Tornado Hold

Hayate Tornado Hold (疾風トルネードホールド "Gale Tornado Hold"), originally Kūchū Daigekitō (Zenpen) ~Tenguman Hirai~ (空中大激闘 (前篇) ~テングマン飛来~ roughly "The Aerial Great Fierce Fight (First Part) ~Tengu Man Flying In~") is the third chapter. In Dr. Light's Laboratory, Dr. Light, Rock and Roll see in a newspaper that an energy research institute had mysteriously disappeared one night, a large crater appearing where it was located, and the whereabouts of both Dr. Cossack and Kalinka are unknown. Meanwhile, Dr. Wily is talking with Dr. Cossack, and he shows the unknown energy he had found, which surprises Cossack. In Dr. Light's Lab, the unknown robot (Duo) that was being repaired awakens and leaves. Rock changes into Mega Man and goes after the robot with Rush.

Tengu Man is creating a giant hurricane in the ocean to hide Wily's hideout, the hurricane also serving as a wind barrier to avoid intruders. He is surprised when the unknown robot suddenly appears and easily passes through his wind barrier at high speed and talks with Wily. Mega Man and Rush soon reach the hurricane and try to enter it.

Mega Man and Tengu Man above the energy research institute.

Tengu Man appears to introduce himself and mocks Mega Man. Mega Man than decides to try entering from above the hurricane, and a Hogale appears and drops several Metalls on him. The Metalls disturb Mega Man and Tengu Man laughs of him. The remaining Metalls desperately hold on Mega Man to avoid falling from the high area, and to get hid of them he flies in the direction of the hurricane. Tengu Man is distracted by one the Metalls caught by the wind and Mega Man uses the wind to go in Tengu Man's direction and hit him, damaging him and stopping the hurricane, revealing Wily's hideout.

Hayate Tornado Hold (2)

Hayate Tornado Hold (2), originally Kūchū Daigekitō (Kōhen) ~Duo Kakusei~ (空中大激闘 (後編) ~デューオ覚醒~ roughly "The Aerial Great Fierce Fight (Sequel) ~Duo Awakens~"), is the fourth chapter of the manga. Now that the hurricane stopped, Dr. Wily's hideout is revealed to be the missing energy research institute in a large landmass, which is flying with the assistance of machines powered by the energy Wily had found. As Tengu Man is no longer busy making the hurricane, he now fights against Mega Man, starting by using his Tornado Hold and kicking Mega Man away. Rush appears to save Mega Man and he turns into Super Mega Man, starting an aerial battle against Tengu Man. Meanwhile, the power of the unknown energy is increasing and acting strangely. Tengu Man knocks Mega Man down on the flying landmass, but before he felt he separated from Rush, which distracts Tengu Man enough for Mega Man to fire a charge shot that makes Tengu Man fall.

The landmass suddenly begins to shake, and Wily tries to control the increasing energy. Duo somehow manages to avoid the energy from going out of control, and he falls from the landmass. Without the energy and with the landmass damaged, it begins to crumble and fall. Wily escapes with the energy and Dr. Cossack goes after his daughter Kalinka. After finding her, the two are found by Auto and Beat and they are taken to a transport piloted by Roll. Mega Man and Rush also enter the transport, and as they are preparing to leave, a damaged and enraged Tengu Man falls in front of the transport. Roll shakes the machine in an attempt to make him go away, and Mega Man falls, Tengu Man pursuing him at full speed. As Rush doesn't has enough jet energy, he can't leave the transport to help.

Tengu Man holds on Mega Man and speeds up to crush him on the impact. Mega Man uses Flash Bomb to blind Tengu Man, making him release Mega Man. As Tengu Man opens his eyes, he sees Mega Man ready to fire a charge shot, which destroys him. Mega Man floats on the water tired and is taken by Roll and the others.

Kyōyū Thunder Claw

The Clown World inside the Amusement Dome.

Kyōyū Thunder Claw (狂遊サンダークロー "Mad Games Thunder Claw"), originally Wonder Wild Park ~Clownman Itazura~ (ワンダーワイルドパーク ~クラウンマン悪戯~ "Wonder Wild Park ~Clown Man Mischief~") is the fifth chapter from the manga. Someone is causing mischief in the city, such as drawing large graffiti and placing objects such as submarines, airplanes and feathered wings on buildings. Several pamphlets fall around inviting to visit the "Clown World" circus. Mega Man is surprised with the madness going on in the city and a small king robot, Antonio Takeda the Third (アントニオタケダⅢ世), introduces himself and the wonder park to Mega Man. While they talk, Antonio mentions "Clown Man", and that to see him he must take a bus. Guts Man appears and asks Mega Man to hold on a cable, which pulls him a long way to a bus sign in the Amusement Dome.

In the dome's entrance Mega Man is attacked by three Guts Men (one of them resembling Guts Man G), but the real Guts Man appears and angrily attacks the impostors, which are revealed to be controlled by Metalls on their heads. Guts Man than enters the dome to find the responsible. Roll arrives in the bus stop and talks with Mega Man as their enter the dome, finding inside a large amusement park, "Clown World". Antonio reappears and takes Mega Man and Roll to a ride in the roller coaster, separating his car from theirs and making the two fall in a place filled with water. Mega Man manages to keep Roll away from the water, and after placing her in a dry area he angrily runs after Antonio. Inside a tent Mega Man finds him above a beaten Guts Man, and Antonio reveals that he is Clown Man, starting a battle between the two.

Mega Man knocks Clown Man out of the trapeze, and he uses his Thunder Claw to hold Mega Man's leg and electrify him. As Mega Man tries to shot, Clown Man uses his other hand to hold Mega Man's arm, leaving him defenseless as he can't move and attack, but Mega Man changes his other arm into a buster and attacks Clown Man. Clown Man manages to avoid the attack and releases Mega Man, and he attacks with Thunder Carnival, turning into an electric sphere that falls on Mega Man. Mega Man uses Tornado Hold to throw Clown Man away from him, and prepares a charge shot to finish him. As he is about to shot, Roll appears and asks Mega Man to wait. The shot hits centimeters near the scared Clown Man, who runs behind Roll. Roll slaps Clown Man's face and scolds him, and he starts crying. Guts Man awakens and talks with Mega Man while Roll tries to calm down Clown Man.

Hyōbaku Ice Wave

The boy facing Frost Man

Hyōbaku Ice Wave (氷爆アイスウェーブ "Chill-Blast Ice Wave"), originally Shin Rockman Tanjō!? ~Frostman Reitetsu~ (新ロックマン誕生!? ~フロストマン冷徹~ "The Birth of a New Mega Man!? ~Frost Man Cool-Headedness~") is the sixth chapter from the manga. Dr. Wily is furious with the strange robot (Duo) that destroyed his flying hideout, and the day is quite hot, with Wily trying to cool with a small fan, a robotic fan, and some water. Looking at the Evil Energy, he complains more, but changes his mood when he gets an idea.

Somewhere else, Rock, Roll, Auto, and Beat are having fun in the beach. Auto sees Mega Man running, and asks why he changed to his armor. He then realizes it is a boy dresses like Mega Man. The boy is a big fan of Mega Man and is trying to be an hero like him. Auto tells him that he was created by Dr. Light and is Mega Man's brother, but is shocked that the boy never heard about him. When Rock, Roll and Beat return from the water, the boy wonders if Beat is doing a Mega Man cosplay and takes a close look at him, but thinks the bird's costume isn't as good as his. Auto tries to convince Rock to change into Mega Man, but he stays as he is. Rock tries to shake hands with the boy, but he ignores him and says he will do some patrol in the water with his surfboard. Auto is disgruntled with the situation.

Dr. Wily uses a periscope to check the surrounds of his hideout, and sees the boy patrolling the area. Thinking that he is Mega Man, he orders his new robot to create an iceberg, making the boy fall and causing the beach to get very cold. In the top of the iceberg, Wily has fun in his recently made ice base, and Frost Man brings the boy to him. Seeing that he isn't Mega Man, he tells Frost Man to release him. The boy recognizes Wily, which gets happy to know he is famous, but it is temporary as the boy talks about the many times he was defeated by Mega Man. Wily loses his temper and tells Frost Man to get rid of him. When Frost Man is about to crush him, Beat saves the boy in time, but his helmet goes of and he falls. Frost Man attacks again, this time with Ice Wave, but Rock jumps in front of the attack and the boy believes he was killed. When the smoke settles, he is surprised to see that Rock is Mega Man. Frost Man uses his full power to freeze everything nearby, but Mega Man takes the boy and they get way from the ice by using the boy's board to slide the iceberg. Frost Man follows them, and after a short struggle, Mega Man destroys him with Flash Bomb.

Later, to everyone's surprise, the boy sends a valuable crown to Rock's home, revealing he is a prince from the "Capūco Kingdom" (カプーコ王国) and wants Rock to join his reign. Wily is shown to have caught a 42°C fever.

Kaigō no Kōya

Rock and Rush in the wilderness.

Kaigō no Kōya (邂逅の荒野 "Encounter in the Wilderness"), originally Kōya no Kettō ~Forte Zannin~ (荒野の決闘 ~フォルテ残忍~ "Duel on the Wilderness ~Bass Brutality~"), is the seventh chapter from the manga. Using Rush Cycle, Rock goes to the western-like "Nonchalant's Town" (ノンシャランズ・タウン Nonsharanzu Taun) in the wilderness. While there, he hears a boy whistling a familiar melody and wonders if he knows Proto Man. He tells him he learned it with someone in the bar nearby, and inside he learns Proto Man went to the mountains. Cut Man enters the bar, and recognizing Rock, challenges him for a rematch. However, when Cut Man throws a Rolling Cutter, someone destroys it with a shot. Bass enters the bar and starts shooting everyone, bringing the bar down. Rock changes into Mega Man and fights against Bass in the streets.

Wily uses a flying camera to watch and is enjoying their western duel, so much that when he laughs loudly with his mouth full of food, he chokes and a Met brings water to help him. However, when Bass speaks ill of Wily, Wily breaks his screen and says Bass will pay for the insult. During their temporary stop, the barman Rock spoke with appears and tries to convice them to solve things like a gunman (also to avoid more damage to the town), each walking away while counting to ten, turning, and shooting. Everyone in the town gets excited, many people also making bets on each robot. Bass agrees, and when they turn, Mega Man notices Wily's camera is about to shot Bass and fire on it. Bass hits the side of Mega Man's helmet and laughs of his bad aim, but notices the damaged camera behind him in time to avoid its blast. The camera explodes due to the damage, and Bass is furious with Mega Man for saving him in a duel to the death, running in his direction to attack, Before he reaches him, a bright light appears and crashes between them.

Kaigō no Kōya (2)

Proto Man and Duo in the manga.

Kaigō no Kōya (2), originally Zen o Shiru Mono-tachi ~Duo Gekido~ (善を知る者達 ~デューオ激怒~ "Those who know Virtue ~Duo Rage~"), is the eighth chapter from the manga. Duo appears between Mega Man and Bass, and Bass attacks him for getting in the way. Stopping the shot with his hand, Duo senses evil in Bass and knocks him down with a single hit. Sensing the Evil Energy in the nearby mountain, Duo pierces through it, and Mega Man follows him. Inside the mountain he sees Dr. Wily's hideout. A large robot catches Mega Man, knocks down Rush, and starts electrifying Mega Man. The situation appears to be hopeless, but Duo destroys the robot and the Evil Energy within it, and takes Rush to Mega Man.

A large hologram of Wily appears in his tower and he talks with Mega Man about the Evil Energy and the barrier protecting his hideout. As the barrier is too powerful, Duo decides to destroy the tower alongside the mountain, and Mega Man tries to stop him. Mega Man uses all of his power to stop him, shutting down. Surprised with his energy and strong will, Duo stops and wonders who the blue robot is. Proto Man appears and tells him that's Mega Man, and after a brief talk, says that he will fight to protect him if he tries to do any harm. Duo says he doesn't need to worry, as he can sense a good energy on him. Duo leaves (apparently deciding to leave them handle the situation their way, waiting in a cave from the mountain). Later, Proto Man makes a tombstone with his own name on it (apparently to make Mega Man think he is dead).

Kōatsu Water Balloon

Aqua Man and his watery showgirls.

Kōatsu Water Balloon (高圧ウォーターバルーン "High Pressure Water Balloon"), originally Kōseinō Robo Rightot ~Aquaman Ryūdō~ (高性能ロボライトット ~アクアマン流動~ "High Efficient Robot Auto ~Aqua Man Flow~") is the ninth chapter from the manga. Mega Man, Rush, Roll, Beat and Auto start searching for a way to take down the energy barrier protecting Wily's hideout. Auto goes to Aquantis, a water themed amusement park. Saying he is searching for Wily, Auto convinces an employer to let he enter in a closed attraction. Some time passes since he entered it, and after the staff tell Mega Man what happened, he goes inside to find him. The tube slider goes a long way underwater, and a crack on it takes Mega Man to a hidden cave, where a Gorone appears from a waterfall and attacks him. After taking care of it, Mega Man continues falling, but Auto sees him and jumps to catch his friend. The two fall in a cave, where Mega Man is attacked by several robots, but they appear to ignore Auto.

After struggling through the place, Auto accidentally activates a switch that makes Mega Man fall in a large room, where Aqua Man appears and challenges him. A Met and a Monopellan see him and realize they mistook Auto with Aqua Man. Aqua Man has fun fighting Mega Man, and after taking some hits, Mega Man gets the idea to use Tornado Hold to avoid his attacks, then counter with Ice Wave to freeze the water inside Aqua Man. Unable to continue fighting, Aqua Man decides to flood the place to get rid of Mega Man.

Auto is walking calmly through the caves while searching for Rock, and when he sees several enemies gathered, he greets them. Now that they know he isn't Aqua Man, they attack and Auto starts running for his life. Suddenly, a large amount of water fills the cave. Aqua Man's room starts filling with water, and he is sad that it will be his finale. However, a Gorone blocks the opening of Aqua Man's room, with Auto hanging on it and trying to avoid getting bitten.

Suteki Homing Sniper

Suteki Homing Sniper (素敵ホーミングスナイパー "Wonderful Homing Sniper"), originally Deep Wood no Daikōbō ~Searchman Meisai~ (ディープウッドの大攻防 ~サーチマン迷彩~ "Offense and Defense of the Deep Wood ~Search Man Camouflage~") is the tenth chapter from the manga. Search Man is in a forest planning his strategy, while Mega Man is fighting his soldiers and avoiding traps. After some trouble, Rush appears and it gets easier for Mega Man to avoid the hazards with Rush Cycle.

Wood Man and other robots appear to fight against Mega Man, but Search Man, angry with the trouble Mega Man was giving him, releases a large barrage of Homing Sniper on him, accidentally taking care of Wood Man and his soldiers. Search Man cries and salutes the fallen soldiers, and when Mega Man attacks, each head tries to dodge to one side, causing him to be hit. Using Homing Sniper, they manage to hit Mega Man, and he falls injured in the floor and his helmet falls. Search Man's left head takes Mega Man's helmet and wears it, thinking it suits him, and when the right head fires a final shot to end Mega Man, it goes to Search Man's left head instead, Search Man forgetting that the Homing Sniper was locked on Mega Man's head. With Search Man off guard, Mega Man takes the chance to finish him.

Later, Search Man awakens inside a vehicle and sees he is being treated by Roll and Dr. Light, while Auto tenders Mega Man. The right head is sad that the left head is gone, and after some talk, the left head says he is fine and makes a salute.

Rekka Flame Sword

Mega Man fighting against Sword Man.

Rekka Flame Sword (烈火フレイムソード "Burning Flame Sword") is the 11st chapter of the manga. Dr. Light and company continue searching for the remaining robots protecting Wily's barrier, and they believe one might be hidden in some ancient ruins. Mega Man investigates the place, and inside he is surprised to see that the statues are alive. He runs away from them, ending in an underground cave filled with lava. Gearna Eye and Kao ga Mehda attempt to finish him, but he manages to destroy Gearna Eye and escape.

Further inside the ruins, Mega Man finds Sword Man and they fight. During the battle, Sword Man tells him he can't be harmed with shots, and gives Mega Man a sword identical to his own to give him a chance. After some time, Sword Man ignites his Flame Sword, and in a few hits Mega Man's sword breaks. Sword Man thinks Mega Man is no match for him, but Mega Man uses Ice Wave to create an ice sword and they fight fiercely. Mega Man completely freezes Sword Man, but he breaks from the ice. However, with his sword cooled, Mega Man manages to break it with a punch and hit Sword Man. Sword Man admits defeat and gives Mega Man the means to deactivate Wily's barrier, getting between statues resembling him and deactivating.

Genwaku Astro Crush

King's robots.

Genwaku Astro Crush (幻惑アストロクラッシュ, "Dazzling Astro Crush") is the 12nd chapter of the manga. Mega Man returns to Nonchalant's Town, where everyone wishes him good luck against Wily and the barman gives him an Energy Drink. When he enters the cave, Mega Man finds himself inside a beautiful garden, and wonders where he is. Walking ahead, he finds a tower in a desert and enters it. The door closes and he realizes each brick from the tower is a bomb. He wall jumps his way to the top and escape, but isn't fast enough and an explosion hits him. Mega Man prepares to get hit, but when he open his eyes, he finds that he is now upside down high above a city and starts falling. Believing something must be wrong, Mega Man fires to the sky, which breaks like glass and turns into outer space. Mega Man is confused and wonders where Rush is, and is hit by Astro Man.

At first Astro Man has advantage with his illusions, but Mega Man uses Flash Bomb to blind him and manages to hit the Wily robot. Annoyed, Astro Man uses Astro Crush. Mega Man is surprised with his power, and uses Homing Sniper to hit him many hits. Scared, Astro Man runs away and his illusion fades. Mega Man fires Homing Sniper, and six mysterious robots appear.

Taiji suru Chikara

Dr. Wily and King.

Taiji suru Chikara (対峙する力, "Opposing Forces") is the 13rd chapter of the manga. King appears. Tengu Man, Pirate Man, Green Devil.

Kono Hoshi no Seigi

Wily Machine

Kono Hoshi no Seigi (この星の正義, "Justice of this Planet") is the final chapter from the manga. Mega Man faces Dr. Wily in his Wily Machine.


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  • According to the "Rockman & Me" afterword in the 2011 reprint, Izuki planned to connect the story of the manga to the follow-up Rockman & Forte in a big way and introduce more twists, but due to the publisher Kodansha wanting to shift focus to what was the newest anticipated game at the time and losing interest in what was now an older title, the 8 manga ended earlier than Izuki had planned, forcing him to decide which remaining plot points (Bass, Proto Man's tombstone, Duo and Evil Energy) should be resolved or abandoned in the sequel.
  • Roll seems to have a slightly different design compared to her original appearance. She wore a long-sleeved dress with normal sleeves in the game, but the manga gives her a dress with puffed short sleeves.