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Rockman Arrange Version - Rockman Special CD is a limited soundtrack given to participants from the Rockman 5 boss character contest. It contains arranged tracks from the first five Mega Man games.


1ROCKMAN CUTMAN ~灼熱の楽園~Rockman Cutman ~Scorching Paradise~ Mega Man, Cut Man's stage
2ROCKMAN2 ENDING ~戦塵の終りに~Rockman 2 Ending ~In the End of the Battle~ Mega Man 2 ending theme
3ROCKMAN3 SPARKMAN ~閃光の魔術~Rockman 3 Sparkman ~Spark of Sorcery~ Mega Man 3, Spark Man's stage
4ROCKMAN4 SKULLMAN ~冥界の戦士~Rockman 4 Skullman ~Warrior of the Underworld~ Mega Man 4, Skull Man's stage
5ROCKMAN5 STONEMAN ~傀儡の奇石~Rockman 5 Stoneman ~Precious Stone Puppet~ Mega Man 5, Stone Man's stage

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