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Rockman: Battle & Chase (洛克人大賽車 roughly "Rockman Great Car Racing" or "Rockman Grand Prix" in China) is a manhua by Wu Yang (伍洋) published by Ching Win based on the game Mega Man: Battle & Chase. Along the original cast from the game, the manga has new racers like Needle Man, Blizzard Man and Chill Penguin, and minor appearances of several other characters like Cut Man, Bomb Man, Heat Man, Wood Man, Gemini Man, Drill Man, Ring Man, Storm Eagle, Armored Armadillo, Launch Octopus and Boomer Kuwanger, most of them watching the race.

In the manga, Shadow Man lived in an old ninja house with an elder Shadow Man and 4 young Shadow Men. When the house began to fall, one part of the roof has fallen on the elder, and he asks Shadow Man to give a lair to the kids. Shadow Man enters the Battle & Chase competition to obtain money for a house.