Rockman Character Collection (ロックマンキャラクターコレクション Rokkuman Kyarakutā Korekushon) is a booklet that was given as a special gift for everyone that participated in the boss character contest from Mega Man 4 in 1991. The booklet contains information from the series and a short manga titled "The Birth of Mega Man" (ロックマン誕生編 Rockman Tanjou Hen) by Keiji Inafune, which shows Mega Man's origin in a similar way to the opening scene from Mega Man 4. The manga was later included in the book Mega Man Official Complete Works, receiving an English translation.



  • Rock's design in Mega Man 11 is based on his appearance from this book's comic, having a 23 on his shirt and holding a similar cleaning device.